Final Fantasy XIV – Return of the Scholar?

Hello folks! Haven’t written in a while and figured I’d post about something I’ve been mildly obsessing over after reading Fernhalwes’s blog who points out something interesting in the FFXIV box art. On the right hand side you’ll notice a female Elezen rocking a mortarboard like a champ. This piece of equipment is distinct to the Scholar job as seen in FFXI.




Scholars are adept at reading books which goes a long with with wielding magic (at least in FFXI). As a result they are able to utilize the two main schools of magic; black and white. Each Scholar could choose to focus on one magic school, thereby strengthening the chosen school and weakening the other. This makes a scholar a very versatile job and I feel is much needed considering the current jobs seem to allow only one role. With the release just around the corner it seems FFXIV will still have some welcoming surprises for us.


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