Easy to Make Super Hero Necklace

(As seen at the One-Quest Booth, South Jersey Geekfest 2014)
This simple to make necklace can be hand picked to reflect your nerdom.
First, your materials list.
Having to pause a project just to run out to pick something up that you forgot can be frustrating. Make a list of everything you need before running out, or you may run the risk of walking aimlessly around A.C. Moore for several hours (which is a delightful weekend afternoon for myself, but not so much for the hubby).

  • Bottle caps (Preferably the twist off kinds, the other ones may get dented while popping off the bottle).
  • Comic books that you don’t mind cutting up.
  • Mod Podge (Basic Mod Podge, Clear)
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (Clear)
  • Paint Brush (Basic/inexpensive brush)
  • Ribbon (We chose an 1/2 inch thick ribbon).
  • Spray Paint in the color of your choosing.
  • 1.8 mm Euro Metal Hole Punch Pliers (Jewelry section in craft store).
  • 7 mm Jump Ring (Jewelry section in craft store).
  • Prefered Jewelry end fasteners (We chose a Spring Ring Clasp).
  • Newspaper or cardboard box.
  • Needle nose pliers.
  • Hot Glue Gun

*You will notice in the picture below that there are Key Rings and a Chain included. These will not be needed in the making of the necklaces. These were used to make the bottle caps into key chains for the convention. Feel free to experiment on your own after this tutorial.*
1. Clean your bottle caps and dry them. Once dry, you can punch a hole in the rim of the bottle cap using your hole puncher. Try to aim for about half way from top to bottom on the rim.
Punching Hole
Punched Hole
2. Cut out a base pattern from a regular sheet of paper that will fit into the inside of the bottle cap nicely. Once that is completed, you can scour your comic books for a cool image that matches up to the pattern you just cut out, and proceed to cut that image out of the comic book.
Sacrilege! Cutting Comics
3. Take the piece cut from the comic and use the basic mod podge and paint brush to adhere image to the base of the bottle cap. Allow to dry according to the instructions on the back of mod podge bottle.
Mod Podge
4. Once dry, take bottle caps outside and place on newspaper/cardboard, with the top of the cap facing up (the mod podge comic book image should be facing down). Then proceed to spray the top of the caps with the spray paint until the original logo can no longer been seen. Then allow to dry.
Before Spray Paint
Spray Painting
5. Fill the bottle caps with the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic until it completely covers the image. (Try to remain under the hole you punched in earlier. If you go over, it shouldn’t pour out, but will solidify over the hole. This can be popped open with a pin once dried.) Remove any bubbles that may have formed and allow to dry.
6. Open a jump ring using the needle nose pliers, then hook the ring through the hole in the bottle cap. Then, using the pliers, close the jump ring. Measure out the desired length of ribbon to be used to hold your superhero bottle cap. (We used roughly 22 inches). Then thread the ribbon through the jump ring.
Batman Bottle Cap
Measured Ribbon
7. Thread the ribbon through the clasp you chose.
Batman with Ribbon
8. Fold part of ribbon over and hot glue it down.Repeat on other end.
Glue Ribbon
Hot Glued
And then there you have it, your completed, one of a kind, superhero necklace.
A simple, yet fashionable, Nerdy DIY project! We’ll have more coming at you in the future, so keep an eye out for them!

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