Zenescope's Jungle Book gets a sequel in Jungle Book: Last of the Species

Earlier this year, Zenescope released their take on a class, The Jungle Book. I grew up watching the Disney cartoon, it was one of my favorite. So obviously the first series was an easy decision to buy. It did not disappoint, the story followed and introduced just the right amount of character I was familiar with. But did something completely different with them, the way Zenescope has become famous for.

So with that a new book has been revealed, Jungle Book: Last of the Species. It’s first issue will be hitting shelves on February 27, 2013, with Mark L Miller returning to pen the continuing adventures of Mowglii. The story looks to be picking up right where the first one left off. Mowglii has recovered from her last battle, but new problems arise like any good tale.

So make sure when you go pick up comics this week, to let your local shops know you want a copy!

Februrary isn’t to far away, so to hold you over we’ve got some great artwork and the full press release from Zenescope!

Zenescope Entertainment to Unveil Jungle Book Sequel

Dec. 7, 2012 — Zenescope Entertainment has announced a sequel to its hit mini-series The Jungle Book, which was first published in March, 2012. The #1 issue of Jungle Book: Last of the Species will hit shelves February 27th, 2013. Zenescope is best known for its dark and provocative re-imaginings of literary classics such as Wonderland, Sinbad and Neverland. After receiving strong sales and critic reviews for The Jungle Book, the top 10 publisher has green-lit another go around.

Writer Mark L Miller and will continue writing the epic and beautifully illustrated story that takes place on the mysterious but dangerous Kipling Isle.

In this five part series, the strong-willed and beautiful Mowglii has just recently recovered from her wounds after defeating a ferocious foe, but her peace will not last as she finds herself in a battle for survival as a new threat arises.

“Mark Miller and Carlos Granda did such an amazing job in the first series by creating this intense, brutal but also visually stunning world. We were so proud of both the fan support and the positive reviews we received.” said Zenescope’s EIC Ralph Tedesco, “But we’ve raised the bar for the sequel and we’re hoping that even more readers catch on to this intelligently written, epic series because I highly doubt they’ll be disappointed.”
Jungle Book: Last of the Species is currently available for pre-order through Diamond Previews.

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