The Friday Five: Pokémon!

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This week we bring you our top 5 Pokémon! We’re all pretty big fans of the Pocket Monsters in all of there forms here, so it felt fitting for you to know which ones we like best! The entire team got pretty wild with this one- I guess they think people actually care about our thoughts. Regardless of whether that’s true or not I’m going to keep the original responses largely unchanged. Hopefully next week we try again without boring the readers after the first listing! 🙂


I’m an old school guy. I didn’t play every game, just the classics and the newest one. So my list is largely contrived of old school and newer Pokemon. Those guys in between could fall off a cliff for all I care. Except Turtwig! He’s too awesome to hate.

1. Turtwig

2. Rapidash

3. Psyduck

4. Arbok

5. Koffing



I’ve played at least one Pokemon game from every generation, I think I actually own almost every one of the older games still from gens 1-3. Picking 5 kinda sucks since a team is always six, lets see what I can come up with.

1. Squirtle – He was the first Pokemon I ever picked in Pokemon Blue (which was my first game)

2. Lucario – He was fun in the movie, then I got an egg in Diamond and he was a fucking tank. He was at least 15 levels lower then the rest of my party when I fought the Pokemon League and I was barely at their level, and he still kicked their asses.

3. Marill – I remember back in the original Red and Blue days, around 1997/1998 reading things on about how you could get Mew, and this new water pikachu they were calling Pikablue. It was a long drawn out thing where you had to go into caves and hit A, then not get the CUT HM from the SS Anne so you could go back to the Dock with Surf and find a truck and get a new pokemon — it was a load of crap but man was I excited to see the fabled Pokemon when Gold and Silver came out!

4. Charmander – Most people didn’t like starting with Fire in Red/Blue because it was hard to beat the first 2 gyms. I on the other hand thought Charmander, and his final form Charizard were awesome and if you trained enough could take out Brock’s Pokemon.

5. Vulpix – I always like fire pokemon, and this was the first one I ever used. and of course being a kid I loved the Pokemon cartoon and the episode “Pokemon Fashion Flash” where Vulpix sleeps the whole time then gets bored and fire blasts the shit out of team rocket.



Well I had an original Gameboy, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, DS, and recently upgraded to a DSI XL, so the admission that I barely played any of these games, I’m sure, is astounding to you all. However, I was a fan of the show when it first came out, I did play through Pearl, and like the rest of the world I did pick up White on release day; Only made it through 3 gyms in it though. So with that said, my list goes as follows:

1. Charmander – Charmeleon, and Charizard – ‘nuff said

2. Eevee – He’s like a utility pokemon, evolve him into a sick ass pokemon of any type you need, every version is good! Jolteon is my favorite.

3. Oshawott – Because he has a sad face 🙁 and in my opinion is the only pokemon cuter than Piplup.

4. Piplup – Held the title for cutest for many years, after what I just said, I would probably be killed by my gf if I didn’t throw him on my list.

5. Blitzle – Electric Zebra of German decent, most definitely a noble steed to bring on your journey. Plus he evolves into Zebstrika! You can’t say that name without an exclamation. Zebstrika!



Pokemon! One of my favorite past times. I had and may still have one of every generation of Pokemon game released for hand held systems, but to pick my top five might be quite hard. I can only think of one way to start this off with:

1. Eevee- I remember watching the first season of Pokemon and there was an episode about a child Eevee trainer trying to decide what to evolve his Eevee into. He had 3 brothers each with one version of an evolved Eevee. I’m sure we’ve all seen the episode so I feel there isn’t much need to continue, and if you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to spoil it. After seeing that episode and learning that Eevee had 6 different forms in the 2nd generation of Pokemon. From that point I always had the dream to be an Eevee trainer with a party of the 5 evolutions of Eevee, and a badass Eevee.

2. Gyarados- I can’t quite explain why I love him so much. Maybe due to the fact that he is both water and flying type, or that one of my fondest memories which comes from Pokemon Gold and Silver; You could catch the first discolored Pokemon with a special Red Gyrados. If I’m wrong about that please correct me. (Editor* He’s actually correct.)

3. Mudkip- So I herd you liek Mudkip?

Moar Mudkip!

sorry i had to

4. Zapdos- What can I say? He is the first type that is weak to himself.

5. Cyndaquil- I usually start with the fire Pokemon, but I can say that my favorite of them all was Cyndaquil. His 2nd forms name was Quilava. I have no reason for it they are just awesome in my eyes.

is not a boss.

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