Shut Up And Enjoy Something

I’ve heard people call the internet a festering cesspool of unintelligent inbred douchebags. Personally I think that’s a little harsh, but really it’s not that far off. Humans by nature complain, no matter how well off you are you could always be better, and because you aren’t you whine about it. I do it, you do it, we all do it, no matter what you think. Some people have an actual reason to complain others are just big babies. It’s really disappointing, we live in an age where new things are at our finger tips moments after they’re created. A new game gets a trailer up on IGN and for every good comment there’s ten trashing it.

I understand that not everyone likes the same things, that’s what makes us unique. Maybe you love sports games, and FPS’ but that other guy posting a comment only likes JRPG and SIM games. Neither of those genres are better than the others. Yes some games are better than others. But you can’t compare Madden to Final Fantasy it just doesn’t work. We need criticism on media otherwise nothing would improve, but we don’t need hate just for the sake of hate.


I’ve noticed on a lot of blogs and forums that, before Avengers was released, people were complaining saying it was going to suck and that Justice League was better. Those people complaining were doing it just out of ignorance because really in the end they went to see The Avengers. And now we’ve got talks about a Justice League movie being in the works and low and behold all the hate starts flying the other way. “Fans” of The Avengers claiming it will suck and it’s a dumb idea and that they’re just copying Marvel. That’s all just a load of shit, movie’s are the same! Why do you think people can guess what’s going to happen? It’s not because they’re gifted with a 6th sense it’s because at a certain point there are no more unique stories only unique characters. I remember a South Park episode where everything Butters tries to do has already been done by the Simpsons. That drives him insane, but as they claim in the show, it’s not that bad. Yes Bart Simpson may have done something stupid in an episode, but 15 years later that same thing happening in an episode of the vastly different show like South Park is a stupid thing to bitch about.

Now that brings us back around to the beginning the internet isn’t a cesspool the people on it are just assholes, all people are. Whenever I see people complaining about something that really doesn’t need to be complained about I think of the John Gabriel Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. If you’re not familiar it basically states that an anonymous person with an audience becomes a total asshole. The problem is the internet is the only place that happens. You don’t see normal people walking down the street screaming at everyone about how much they hate something. That’s left to the crazies and their invisible companions. On the internet though people aren’t afraid to talk shit on anything and everything and all it really does in the end is make them look close minded and immature. But they don’t care because no one reading their crap knows them so what’s it matter.

One of the biggest things I’m seeing people complain about right now is the Wii U, because it’s different. They claim it’s dumb, and having to look at your controller pulls away from the game itself. Really though it’s because it’s something different and they can’t handle it. That’s the same reason these people don’t like the Wii, or probably the Kinect or the PlayStation Move. Don’t get me wrong I think the Kinect is dumb, but not because it’s different because it’s flawed. Give it a few years and that will be an amazing piece of technology that everyone should and probably will be using. Except these close minded people who can’t wrap their heads around change. Anyone who says they hate something that has never harmed them or done them wrong is just using a word that they don’t understand. And we all do it I say I hate things all the time, but do I mean it? Not really, I just really don’t like certain things. Frankly I don’t like the Wii, I don’t hate it, I think it has some fun games but in the long run the game library is lacking substance for me. That doesn’t make it suck, the only thing that sucks is that I don’t get to enjoy something that could be a ton of fun.

That’s the point though, it’s suppose to be FUN if you’re not having fun with it then you’re not the demographic so who gives a f%&@? You don’t need to love it or own it or play it or watch it. Just leave it alone, if someone asks you “Hey do you have a Wii” you don’t have to go into a tirade about how much it’s stupid and sucks and you hate it. Just tell them no you don’t own one it’s not your kind of thing. If all your friends are going to see The Avengers don’t tell them it’s going to be dumb and stay home because it doesn’t have Batman in it. Go see the god damn movie with your friends and have fun. You’d be surprised how much you can enjoy things if you just give it a shot, especially when you’re with people you enjoy being around.

Do you guys realize that when you act like this you’re just as bad as all these people who are against and protesting gay marriage? Seriously does same sex marriage really effect them at all? No it doesn’t they just don’t like it because it’s different. That’s what you do when you claim to hate things without any really basis to hate them. Maybe gay marriage is a little to close to home for some of you small minded bigots out there, how about civil rights? Remember that from history class? Yea at one point white people were 100% against having African Americans get any rights at all. Hell there are still people who feel like that. And why is that? Because they’re unable to accept anything different from what they know and understand, and the biggest flaw for them is they don’t understand anything!

Lets take a step back though, this is going in a different direction that we don’t need to go to. What I’m trying to get across is haters don’t need to hate. They don’t even need to be haters. Give shit a real chance, don’t pick up a Wii control at your local GameStop and expect to enjoy yourself because you won’t. They’re gonna have some family friendly kid game in and you’re going to hate it. Go to a friends house on a Friday night with a bunch of other people and play a Mario Kart tournament, hell you can even use the classic controller, you don’t need to use motion controls. And ENJOY YOURSELF, learn that new things aren’t bad, try something new and you might be surprised by how much fun it could be. We all have nostalgia for things, but only playing games from the 90’s or watching movies that you grew up with is stunting your development as a useful human being in society.

Once you’ve taken the time to give things a chance, and I mean a REAL chance then you can make your opinion, but don’t shove it down everyone’s throat. If you see an article about something you don’t like, and it looks like it’s going to praise it. THAN DON’T READ IT. Really what’s the point in reading about something you don’t like you’re wasting your time, and then when you post a douche bag comment you’re wasting everyone else’s time. I get some of you people are into that, you like to get people to argue with you because you fill that role I mentioned earlier, the one from the Internet Fuckwad Theory. So get over yourself and learn to enjoy things, life’s to short to be full of hate whether it’s real or you’re just being an asshole to get a rise out of people.

And try and remember, someone out there put a lot of time and effort into whatever it is you hate so much. How would you feel if you spent weeks, months, or years working on something that made you proud, only to have a bunch of loser fanboys who do nothing but bitch on the internet all day start knocking your work down. It sucks, think back to school if someone teased you, it sucked you got all upset and probably went home crying because in all honesty people who complain on the internet probably spent a lot of time crying growing up. You don’t like being criticized, but it’s needed, but criticism for the sake of criticizing something isn’t.

That’s all there really is to that, so like I said in the title, shut up and going enjoy something. Buy a new game you wouldn’t normally play, see a movie you might not usually be drawn to, buy a comic book that you’ve never heard of. You might be happy you did, or at the very least you’ll have a substantial reason to dislike something.

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