Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Trailers

Resident Evil 6 has looked better every time we’ve been shown a new trailer, but we’ve only seen a handful of actual game play segments. Capcom has come through an uploaded two 10-minute videos featuring game play as Leon in Resident Evil 6. One thing to note is that it looks beautiful! The environments are super detailed, and lighting effects are awesome. I particularly like that the segments shown focus on suspense and horror, rather then action.

The trailers reveal a fairly significant amount of spoilers, so if you’re the type that avoid those then you should probably skip these. For everyone else: they’re awesome! Pay attention to the zombies Leon shoots in the second part and you’ll notice that chunks of their body get ripped off based on where the shot hits! Really cool attention to detail. Check the trailers out below, and tell us what you think in the comments at the bottom of the page!


Part 1


Part 2
is not a boss.

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