PlayStation 2013 Announcement LiveBlog

Today marks the day of future. Or something. . . We still aren’t 100% sure what Sony is doing tonight, but we’re expecting an announcement for the next new Sony home console, the PlayStation 4. Expectations are high for this machine. Rumors are rampant! We’re hearing leaks of pricing in the lower $400 range, release dates sometime this November, anti-used game measures, streaming game services, controllers with touch pads, cloud services, etc. It’s a lot to take in, but one thing is certain: We really have no idea what we’re going to hear tonight, but we’re flippin’ excited!

Join us tonigt at 6PM EST as we liveblog our reactions to Sony’s big announcement. The future is here. Or so we’re being told. . .

08:23pm by Eric

The event has ended, and I must say I am impressed. Not by the pretty graphics, but by the creativity behind the console. It looks like Sony has finally gotten their act together and realized that to get ahead in this industry you need to be creative. They just also happened to pack in some monstrous hardware.

Not much was shown off with the new controller, which was to be expected. Seriously, what are the devs going to do with a front facing touchpad in the middle of the controller?! I like the integration of Move, and the new Move camera too. It looked really awesome when Media Molecule showed off their new creative tools.

Quite a few games were shown off/announced, but nothing that really makes me want to own a PS4 at launch. The few that did (Watch Dogs, Diablo III, and Destiny) are all available on the PS3, and, in Diablo’s case, PC! I did like the look of the new Infamous, and The Witness. My favorite had to be Capcoms “Deep Down.” I really want to see more from that one.

The social features are interesting, but again, nothing really mind blowing. The shared videos is pretty cool, as is the ability to watch others play. I was a fan of the announced streaming services. I love the try it before you buy it mentality!

Overall, I’m excited. Once a price is announced I’ll determine if I need one at launch, or if I should go on a nice vacation instead! Don’t forget to share your thought in the comments below!

08:06pm by Walnut

I may wait until the Microsoft announcement, but looks like if i have to choose from the PS4 and X-Box this holiday season, I’m probably going to go PS4. If Microsoft makes some changes to the live store then it will be a tough decision but right now I’m leaning toward PS4… Who am i kidding, I’m going to start saving now for both!

08:05pm by Eric

PlayStation 4 Coming Holiday 2013! ^_^

08:05pm by Drootin

Holiday 2013 that should say. Disappointed but not surprised to not learn the price point.

08:02pm by Eric

Destiny also available on the PS3 with exclusive content coming to both PlayStation consoles! Nice partnership Sony!

07:59pm by Eric

DESTINY by Bungie for PS4! ^_^ This game is going to be sweet!

07:57pm by Eric

Duke nukem Forever was NEVER, and I mean NEVER, canceled. Ever. Get your shit straight.

07:56pm by Walnut

So was Duke Nukem Forever and that was released

07:56pm by Drootin


07:56pm by Eric

StarCraft Ghost is canceled. It was canceled 5 years ago.

07:54pm by Drootin

And PS3!!!!!

07:54pm by Eric


07:54pm by Drootin

DIABLO ON PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07:53pm by Walnut

Blizzard title for PS4, what culd it be? Starcraft Ghost?

07:52pm by Eric

Diablo III for PS4? Or Titan?

07:52pm by Drootin

WHAT!? BLIZZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07:52pm by Eric


07:51pm by Drootin

Watch Dogs sure looks like a total must have

07:43pm by Eric

UbiSoft takes the stage! Watch Dogs!!!!

07:43pm by Drootin

Not true on the 360 with 1080p, not native anyway, but thats besides the point, now its time for Watch_Dogs

07:42pm by Eric

New Final Fantasy announcement at E3!

07:41pm by Eric

Shinji Hashimoto! Director of Final Fantasy! FFX HD?

07:40pm by Eric

It may not be Versus XIII, but it’s better then nothing! :p

07:37pm by Eric

is Agni’s Philosophy really FFXV?

07:36pm by Eric

A very small number on PS3 are 1080. In fact most third party titles are 1080 on 360. . .

07:36pm by Walnut

kingdom hearts 3?

07:35pm by Eric

Those don’t exist. Stop being dumb.

07:35pm by Drootin

Square-Enix on stage now

07:35pm by Eric


07:35pm by Drootin

Maybe?? But keep in mind a very small number of games are native 1080p so there’s that

07:35pm by Walnut

yeah we are going to need 4D tvs lol

07:33pm by Eric

Ok, the big question, are we going to need new TVs to take advantage of this system? I mean, there’s just no way this is just 1080p!

07:33pm by Walnut

This is some crazy realtime Graphics!

07:32pm by Drootin


07:29pm by Eric

By the way, Capcom is in stage now.

07:28pm by Eric

Sorry, couldn’t say that with a straight face. . . :-p

07:27pm by Eric


07:27pm by Drootin

Any guesses anyone???

07:27pm by Drootin

OOOO 3rd Party game time!!!!!

07:26pm by Drootin

That was cool. WAY more creative than I could ever be!

07:25pm by Eric

This is hilarious! Go Media molecule for being incredibly creative and unique!

07:24pm by Walnut

it’d be cool if they added a 3D printer too lol

07:23pm by Eric

Wow. . . using the PSMove controller to create 3D sculptures. That’s pretty cool!

07:21pm by Drootin

Cat Kratos lol

07:20pm by Eric

Media Molecule on stage now! ^_^

07:19pm by Drootin

Awwww no Beyond gameplay????

07:19pm by Drootin


07:18pm by Eric

Here comes the false promises with the graphics. . . Wait, this is Quantic Dreams? IT’S GOTTA BE TRUE!!!

07:18pm by Walnut

Anyone want to re-watch the Killzone 4 Demo? I just shared it on our Facebook check it out.

07:16pm by Drootin

Can’t wait to see what they have done with Beyond since e3

07:15pm by Eric

Quantic Dreams! ^_^ These guys know what gaming is all about!

07:13pm by Walnut

This guy puts so much into his games!

07:12pm by Eric

The Witness, by Johnathan Blow, is a PS4 exclusive!

07:11pm by Walnut

Sounds like an intense Puzzle game!!!

07:09pm by Eric

Self publishing for indie devs! Bodes well for us! Also, Johnathan Blow, creator of Braid, on stage.

07:09pm by Drootin

The one thing that has been working this whole stream is the counter of the number of people watching…

07:08pm by Walnut

i need to play infamous 2 to know wth is going on

07:07pm by Eric

Infamous: Second Son. interesting. . . Better get to Infamous 2!

07:07pm by Drootin

Eric wins!

07:06pm by Eric

This is sooooooo iNfamous 3!

07:06pm by Drootin

Nope, not Watch_Dogs, but it is a new Sucker Punch game Eric

07:04pm by Walnut

You think if you get a wide enough screen you don’t need to move the characters, just yours lol 🙂

07:04pm by Eric

New Infamous? I hope so!

07:04pm by Drootin


07:04pm by Drootin

The level of detail they put into the cars is outlandish

07:01pm by Drootin

I’m not big into racing games, but something like this with teams and group challenges might get me interested

07:01pm by Walnut

New Race wheel peripheral? maybe?

07:00pm by Eric

Driveclub is only playable in First Person, to get you as close as you can to the cars.

07:00pm by Walnut

User Created challenges, I like that!!!

06:58pm by Eric

Evolution Studio that is. They’re talking about Driveclub.

06:58pm by Walnut

if this is a team street racing game… im sold!!! otherwise, next!

06:58pm by Eric

This studio wanted to make the game for so long they trademarked the game 9 years ago!

06:57pm by Walnut

Nah not Gran Tourismo, it will be out in like 3 years.

06:57pm by Eric

Nope. . . DriveClub. Interesting.

06:57pm by Eric

HAHAHAHA! Agreed! Looks like a new Gran Turismo?

06:56pm by Drootin

Glad to know the Killzone devs remember what other colors look like =p

06:56pm by Eric

It’ll more then likely be available on the PSN soon.

06:55pm by Drootin

Its a shame the feed is only 480p, would love to know how this looks uncompressed

06:54pm by Drootin

This does look DAMN good.

06:52pm by Eric

Ok. . . This looks better then anything running on Frostbite!

06:50pm by Eric

In all seriousness, if this is real time, I’m going to cry. . .

06:49pm by Eric

These pre-rendered graphics look amazing!

06:47pm by Eric

KillZone 4? Take a shot! :-p

06:47pm by Eric

Michael Denny from Worldwide Studios is on stage. Here comes some games!

06:45pm by Walnut

Devs are more excited about the share button then the touchpad. It is a good idea!

06:44pm by Eric

That. . . Doesn’t make sense. . . Microsoft doesn’t allow you to play 360 and PC games anywhere. PSCloud will. Supposedly.

06:42pm by Walnut

Basically they are doing what Microsoft did to allow you to play Original Xbox GAmes on the 360 just on the cloud.

06:41pm by Eric

PlayStation Cloud will allow you to play everything everywhere. PSone, PS2, PS3 game all streaming to your PS4 and Vita. Interesting. . .

06:39pm by Walnut

What i want to see is the ability to play games and have say an app like pandora play in the backgrounnd of the system

06:39pm by Eric

No Backward Compatibility with even PS3 games.

06:37pm by Eric

Remote play lets you play full PS4 games over your Vita, similar to the Wii U GamePad.

06:36pm by Walnut


06:36pm by Eric

Remote Play with Vita, SmartPhones, and Tablets. Preferred Vita.

06:35pm by Drootin

This idea of allowing people to remotely jump in to help you is a crazy idea

06:35pm by Eric

Interact with them as they play, give them tips, or just jump into your own game and stay in contact.

06:34pm by Eric

Share button on the controller lets you share your videos and let your friends watch your games.

06:34pm by Drootin

There it is! Cross game chat

06:33pm by Walnut


06:33pm by Eric

If there isn’t cross game chat, they aren’t doing it right.

06:33pm by Walnut

Live streaming demos and if you don’t like it you don’t buy it not bad

06:33pm by Eric

Stream the games instantly form PSN to try them out! No need to purchase untill you reach a certain point and decide you want the game.

06:31pm by Walnut

it looks like they are doing good with the online social network for psn but i cant remember if they said if there is going to be cross game chat?

06:30pm by Eric

So social stuff, a new controller, and a game that I would not have expected to be announced. What’s next? Cloud gaming with David Perry.

06:29pm by Walnut

im convinced Cerney is a machine that’s why he is so creepy

06:29pm by Walnut

The machines are taking over!!!!!!

06:28pm by Eric

PS4 can read your mind and DL games before you know you want them.

06:28pm by Drootin

PS4 is Skynet, it will buy games for you on its own

06:28pm by Walnut

so its faceb… psn mobile?

06:27pm by Eric

You can check friends list, watch their videos posted, and even chat.

06:27pm by Walnut

don’t forget to allow you to help your friends midfgame

06:27pm by Eric

SmartPhone app allows you to brows the new PSN anywhere.

06:26pm by Eric

New Social tolls that allow you to watch friends play games, and post videos from your current gaming session.

06:25pm by Walnut

Standby console feature, that will be nice until your power goes out

06:25pm by Eric

PS4 Dashboard anyone?

06:25pm by Eric

Suspend your game and switch to other “apps.” Then resume to the previous game or app without losing progress. . .

06:23pm by Drootin

THIS IS THE WORST FEED EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06:23pm by Walnut

he has MANY parts to him with separate movements and interactions. they are displaying the “millino piece” thing that was previously discuessed

06:23pm by Eric

I mean, it’s got some high quality effects going on, but seriously. . . You should start off with something explosive and beautiful like Agni’s Philosophy.

06:22pm by Drootin

Not at all what I would have thought the 1st game they would show for PS4 would look like

06:22pm by Eric

Ok. . . But what about this game can’t be accomplished on the current consoles? Obviously not the graphics. . .

06:21pm by Walnut


06:20pm by Eric

New game!

06:20pm by Walnut

so the touch pad is for online mouse scrolling? i dont think it is necessary at all

06:19pm by Eric

GDDR5 being used in the PS4.

06:19pm by Walnut

Headphone jack to use a wired headset… ive had that on the Xbox 360 since launch. sorry

06:19pm by Eric

That’s not a screen. . . it’s a TouchPad walnut.

06:18pm by Drootin

Not a screen Walnut, its like the back touch pad of the Vita

06:18pm by Drootin

That light bar looks awful lot like the Kinect

06:18pm by Eric

Ok headphone jack and Light bar are pretty cool. And a new Move update. O.O

06:18pm by Walnut

8GB of ram… not bad, but i want to know what they plan with online… i guess they took note from nintendo and put a screen in the controller

06:17pm by Eric

DualShock 4 has the stupid touchpad. . .

06:16pm by Walnut

Mark Cerney is kinda creepy

06:16pm by Eric

Ok, tech stuff: PS3 Based off of PC Architecture to make programming easier. Also 8GB ram! ad Local HDD.

06:15pm by Eric

Those guys that think they know what they’re doing?

06:15pm by Drootin

They should have contacted us!!!! Don’t they know who we are???

06:14pm by Eric

Didn’t know who to contact.

06:14pm by Drootin

Ok good, and its only in NYC why didnt we?? =P

06:13pm by Eric

Oh it’s everyone. . . Guess we should have secured some passes to this one. :-p

06:12pm by Walnut

They making a Marble madness 2????

06:11pm by Eric

Mark Cerney on stage to talk PS4.

06:11pm by Drootin

Is it just me or is the feed REALLY choppy??

06:11pm by Walnut

Couple of hours?!?!?!

06:10pm by Eric

To bridge mobile and home gaming. Vita and PS4 should integrate flawlessly. Should. . .

06:10pm by Walnut

Here we go Playstation 4, what have you got for us sony?

06:09pm by Eric

There is it. PS4.

06:08pm by Eric

The future of play, and new things to come for PS Vita.

06:06pm by Chris

I think Sony and Nintendo might use stock footage for people having fun and just Photoshops their games in their hands

06:04pm by Eric

Andrew House on stage speaking British about how awesome PlayStation is.

06:04pm by Eric

Ooooooo! The old PlayStation start up music played. :p

06:02pm by Eric

PlayStation wants to win the war against reality. Hmmm…

06:00pm by Eric

Here we go! ^_^

05:58pm by Eric

The playstation link is a bit spotty. . . so if you can put up with Greg Miller you can head to ign for their coverage as well.

05:56pm by Chris

Rather than copy/pasting here’s a clickable link!

05:50pm by Eric

#PlayStationMemories has been trending on Twitter all day! Have any specific ones you want to share with @One_Quest?

05:42pm by Eric

We’re here, and ready for the big news! Have questions? Drop a comment here, send us a tweet @One_Quest, or ask us on facebook at ^_^

05:38pm by Eric

Whoops! Sony’s Event can be watched live at

10:33am by Eric

You should be able to watch the event live here: .

If that doesn’t look like it’s working by 5:50PM I’ll drop a link to an alternative. ^_^

10:18am by Eric

LiveBlog starts at 6PM EST, right here! See you then!


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  1. Shaun says:

    Are they seriously making a Marble Madness 2?

  2. Shaun says:

    Are they seriously making a Marble Madness 2?

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