Mounted Combat!

Skyrim ruled my gaming habits from it’s 11/11/11 release date until about a month ago, you know around the time some game about demons came back from a 13 year hiatus. Most of my friends avoided Skyrim, in fear of losing their social lives, and because they’re smart. Me? Well, I find it hard to resist the opportunity to slay a good dragon. But just because Diablo finally landed on my PC doesn’t mean I’m done with Skyrim. I still have a ton of quests to complete, dungeons to explore, and of course Dragons to slay! On top of that we’ll soon be able to ride a horse and partake in some MOUNTED COMBAT! *cue Mortal Kombat theme*

I thought it was strange that I couldn’t hop on my horse and chase after the Dovah with my bow drawn, when Dynasty Warriors has been letting players do the same since as far as I can remember. However, this thought only crossed my mind once or twice after the main story. I’ve become so stupidly powerful by this point that the toughest dragons fall in only 6-8 swings of my awesome 1 handed sword. Unfortunately for me, my horse dies after 1… and he likes to get up close and personal with every dragon we meet. This leads to many untimely deaths, and restarts. Thus the thought: “Why can’t I fight while on my damn horse?”

The requests have finally been met and the time to take up arms while mounted on horseback will soon be upon us! The feature, and all of patch 1.06, is already live for PC users with console release receiving an expected time frame of, “we’ll let you know when we have more information.” Oh well, at least we know it’s coming at some point!

Lesson of the day: Buy Bethesda games on PC. They get more love.

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