Mass Effect…the whiners have won.

**********WARNING: There may be MINOR spoilers ahead.**********

Earlier this month Mass Effect 3 was released to much critical appeal. It was said to have likable characters, fun combat, high replay value, and an amazing story. However, less then a week after Mass Effect 3 hit stores, the internet was hit with an onslaught of hatred and threats from Mass Effect 3’s fans. The fans were enraged about the conclusion of ME3, and were demanding answers and changes. The fans are making these demands based on the grounds that they are entirely unsatisfied with the conclusion, for reasons including: length, plot holes, and philosophical contradictions. Yeah, you read that one right. Philosophical contradictions. In a Video Game.

I don’t know about you, but when I turn on a video game, ANY video game, I check all logic at the door. I do the same when watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Don’t try to understand what’s going on, just let it happen! I give that bit of info to anyone I introduce the show to, and every time they fall in love with it as I have. This same rule should be applied to video games. Even games that are supposed to portray realistic characters doing realistic feats, *cough*Modern Warfare*cough*. I don’t care how epic of a soldier you are, if you get shot 3 times, you cannot just hide behind a barrel for 20 seconds and be ok. If we can accept that flawed logic, then why can’t we accept that a ship, the best in the Alliance fleet, can escape an explosion before it occurs? Why can’t we accept that sometimes the heroes have to make sacrifices? Why can’t we accept that some explosions are blue, some are green, and some red?

Well, I can. I can accept these things, and to me everything about the conclusion of Mass Effect 3 is perfect. Sadly, I am only one, and my one voice of contentedness is quelled by the thousands of rage fueled fires that engulf the internet. I write to inform the whining Masses that their cries have been heard, and unfortunately BioWare feels the need to act upon this in a very disturbing fashion. The ending to Mass Effect 3 is going to be modified. The fans have won their “right” to change that which was never theirs to change in the first place. I only hope that BioWare, and the rest of the gaming industry, are prepared to face the repercussions of this action…

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