Magneto is lead in Assassin's Creed movie!

OK, so not really Magneto, because he doesn’t actually exist… At least not to those who would oppose the mutant uprising!

Ahem… What I mean to say is that Michael Fassbender, better known as the British solder from Inglorious Basterds, David the android from that not-so-alien prequel Prometheus, and, most importantly, MOTHER FUCKING MAGNETO: MASTER OF MAGNET from X-Men: First Class, will be playing the lead role in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie!

As to who he’ll be playing, when filming starts, and when we can actually see this, without a doubt, legendary piece of cinematic glory… we just don’t know.

Unfortunately, we can speculate who Magneto will be playing all we want from now until Ubisoft gives us an actual press release, we’ll probably still be wrong. It really doesn’t matter though. Why? Simple. I challenge you to imagine these characters and tell me this doesn’t sound awesome:

Desmond played by Magneto
Altair played by Magneto
Ezio played by Magneto
Daniel Cross played by Magneto
Warren Vidic played by Magneto
Alan Rickman played by Magneto

What’s that? You don’t like Magneto? THEN GO SEE ANOTHER MOVIE!

One-Quest will be watching this one… sometime in the probably very distant future.

You can get the original story from Variety.

Let us know how much you like Magneto, and Michael Fassbender I guess, in the comments below or, suffer a fate similar to Professor Charles Xavier for denouncing his ties to the MASTER OF MAGNET!

is not a boss.

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