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We can finally say that Next Generation in gaming is in full swing with the release of the final 2 entries in console war in just about a months time. To commemorate this event we’ve decided to take a look back at all of our favorite games, in alphabetical order, across every generation. We’re calling this the Games You (Probably) Should Have Played.

Some of our choices will be mainstream titles, some will be indie games that you’ve probably never heard of. A handful of these selections will be older then you, while others are younger than your car. All that matters is that in some way we feel that these games are worth playing. So come along for the ride, as we move into game that start with “P”. Don’t forget to tell us what your favorites are in the comments below!

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS – 2005 NA)
This game has a pretty big following, or at least it did, I remember several years of Otakon where this was the predominate cosplay with people running around shouting Objection! every chance they got. It wasn’t until after that wore down that I finally played the games, and I immediately saw the appeal. You need to look at things and think in order to progress in the game, there’s no button mashing or fighting involved. It’s all investigation and talking to people till you can make the right calls and get your clients named cleared. There’s plenty of games in the series, but if you’re going to give it a shot, start with the original it’s the only way to go!


Portal 2 (PC, PS3, 360 – 2011)
So, you have this cool gun that lets you shoot portals at walls. And you use this gun to conduct a series of experiments, which are mostly mazes, for science. All the while a snarky computer AI is calling you stupid with big words. You escape, fall asleep, wake up somewhere around 200 years later and do it all again. Only, over a longer period of time, with multiple AI’s talking to you, and a whole new assortment of fun things to play with. Portal is a fantastic evolution in storytelling, keeping the narrative simple and the character excentric in every way. It’s. . . it’s perfect.


Pokemon Red/Blue (GB – 1998)
The one that started it all, Pokemon Red & Blue came out at the perfect time for me and I’m still a fan of the franchise to this day. It has the perfect mix of simplicity and depth that makes the game great for both kids and adults. If you like RPGs and can look past the cartoony animation its a great franchise and you may as well start at the beginning.

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