Games You (Probably) Should Have Played – A

We can finally say that Next Generation in gaming is in full swing with the release of the final 2 entries in console war in just about a months time. To commemorate this event we’ve decided to take a look back at all of our favorite games, in alphabetical order, across every generation. We’re calling this the Games You (Probably) Should Have Played.

Some of our choices will be mainstream titles, some will be indie games that you’ve probably never heard of. A handful of these selections will be older then you, while others are younger than your car. All that matters is that in some way we feel that these games are worth playing. So come along for the ride, as we move into game that start with “A”. Don’t forget to tell us what your favorites are in the comments below!

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Alundra (PS1 – 1997)
This is the rare time where this is actually a game I haven’t played and that’s exactly why I am choosing it. Alundra was a PS1 action-RPG that had a strong Legend of Zelda feel to it. I remember watching Eric play this game back in the day and always thought to myself that I should play this game. If you’re a fan of the older Legend of Zelda games and RPGs this game should be on your list to play. It was followed up by a less than stellar sequel that got rid of the Legend of Zelda style gameplay that made the original a game that should be on your radar.


Aladdin (SNES – 1993)
Whether or not your played Aladdin for the SNES has a few different factors. The biggest one is going to be which system you had, and which you primarily played. It’s strange, but Aladdin on SNES is actually a completely different game from Aladdin on the Genesis. They were made by different companies, and play very different. Genesis Aladdin has a sword, SNES he throws apples and ninja’s the hell out of bad guys. Anyway I’ve played both version, and while the Genesis is usually the majority favorite, I actually prefer the SNES version. I like all the prince of persia action, and the fact that after levels you could write down a password to continue from that spot. Starting completely over after you died or had to restart the system sucked.
aladdin snes


Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (PS3, 360, PC – 2010)
I can’t tell you how much I love this series, and every year I’m disappointed by how many people I know that don’t play it. Most recently I was disappointed by the game itself (AC3) due to lack of polish, and boring characterization. However, this is still a series worth checking out by everyone simply for the exciting mechanics. The story that has you visiting different time periods to uncover the truth behind a secret war plaguing the real world is also incredibly intriguing. ACII and Brotherhood are the standouts in the series, so start with one of those if you can.
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood


Adventure (Atari – 1979)
This was Zelda before the technology was ready. Sure you couldn’t save and the Dragon looked more like a crazy duck (I mean, Come on, Fhqwhgads) but the sense of exploration was EPIC for the time. It’s almost so abstract it could be a work of art. This was the FIRST action-adventure game on a home console and everything that follows in the genre for the next 20 years shows it. In addition it may not have been the first to showcase an easter egg but was one of the best known on Atari 2600.

is not a boss.

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