Friday Five – Worst TV Series Finales

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a Top Five list. This week we’re listing our Least Favorite TV Series Finales!
Last week we listed our favorite TV Show Finales. Logically, this week we’re listing our least favorite! One great thing about this site, and all of us being friends, is that we don’t always agree with one another. While some of us thought the HIMYM Finale worked, there were plenty of those online (and here) that thought it was terrible! That’s always been something I loved about having this little blog site. So we can all voice our opinions as loudly as we choose! Well, enough of me being happy about this for a second and let’s move on to our least favorite TV finales!


  1. House – House was a great show, but by it’s final season it was definitely struggling. The ‘team’ was changed again, and just didn’t have the same attitude the previous ones did. But going into the Finale I still expected something more, instead it’s just House dealing with his demons and faking his death to go hang out with Wilson before he dies. While that’s kind of touching in one way, it’s also just felt wrong. And seriously what happens after Wilson dies, House is supposed to be dead, what’s he going to do?
  2. Chuck – Chuck was a great series, but it had it’s problems, and was almost always on the verge of being canceled. Somehow though it made it through 5 seasons, and after all of that you’d expect a happy ending for Chuck and Sarah, but we don’t really get that. We get what is essential a cliffhanger for an episode that was written as a series finale. I could look past it if the show was cancelled late in the season and they had already started production on the episode, but the whole season was billed as the final one. On the bright side it wasn’t the worst ending ever, that’s still to come, but it just isn’t what I wanted to see for the ending of this series.
  3. Seinfeld – Oh Seinfeld, for a show about nothing, your ending sure had too much going on. It’s been close to 20 years since the show ended, but people still list it as one of the worst finale’s ever. While these characters really weren’t what you’d call good people, and probably didn’t deserve the big win you think they’re getting at the beginning, having them go to jail based on trumped up charges was kinda dumb.
  4. Weeds – Weeds was an awesome show, but the ending just felt to perfect and like a cop-out. Everything just turned out right for everyone, the whole tone of the show just didn’t add up to that.
  5. David the Gnome – David the Gnome takes the cake. In case you can’t remember, or never got to watch this show. Back in the late ’80s a show about a Gnome doctor riding a fox around the forest healing sick or injured animals was fantastic for a little kid. Then you hit the final episode where David and his wife Lisa have to go off and die. Yep Gnomes only live to be 400, so before then they have to head off into the mountains to die. Even worse, their friend Casper, another Gnome, has no family and doesn’t want to die alone so he asks to go with them. This is not how a childrens show is supposed to end. Yes it’s great try and teach kids at an early age about death and all, but serious wtf were they thinking?!

Dr. Gregory House from House M.D.


OK, last week was pretty rough for me. I don’t watch a ton of TV shows to the end. If I don’t like the show, I don’t watch it to the end. It turns out that most of the finales I didn’t like were for shows that got canceled prematurely. (Yes, I consider Heroes a premature cancellation.)

  1. Heroes – This one sucks. I really loved the show. I supported it all throughout it’s airing. Watched it every week! And it ended on a cliffhanger. . . not cool! Luckily, Heroes Reborn is starting up next year, so maybe it’ll shed some light on what happened.
  2. Jericho – I just watched this show last year and loved the hell out of it! I couldn’t stop watching! The only issue I had is that both finales, the show was canceled twice after all, were major cliffhangers. It sucks, networks often cancel shows without letting them know it’s coming, so it’s not their fault that it all ends on cliffhangers. However season 2 should have been evident. It was only 8 episodes long. More effort should have been made to at least close the series a bit. Instead I have to find the comics that continue the story and find out what happened.
  3. Psych – Ok, this was on my favorite Finales list last week. The issue I had here is that it didn’t feel like a Series Finale. Rather, I got more of a season finale vibe. All the characters just move to a new location leaving the series open for more hijinks later. That’s great, but it didn’t feel like an ending.
  4. House – It just felt weak. Although, the ending felt in character for House, it was still not as strong as it could have been.The final season as a whole was lacking in pretty much every area. So it wasn’t surprising when the show ended at a low point.
  5. Firefly – I don’t like listing this on here any more that you like seeing it. Truth is, the end sucked! By no fault of Joss Whedon or the cast. It’s all Fox’s fault. Serenity didn’t even do a great job of ending the series. It just added more to the story. . . Oh well. Maybe Joss will give us a remake somewhere down the line.

Cast of Heroes

is not a boss.

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