Friday Five – Worst of 2014

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with a top 5 list. This week’s category: Worst of 2014!
It’s that time of year again! This is the first in our 3 week look at what has been, and what will be. This week in particular we’re taking a look back at 2014 and the things that we felt were… the worst.

The rules are simple: Anything from 2014 pop culture (Games, movies, comics, TV) that bothered the shit out of us is game! So scroll down, and check it out! Also, be sure to join us on PodQuest 34 as we discuss the Worst of 2014!


  1. Delays of things like Arkham Knight – All of the Arkham games have been great, even Origin’s was a really well done fun game. So when Knight got pushed back I was super bummed
  2. Too much Destiny – This game is on everyone elses list as a disappointment, for me it was just no fun, so I didn’t bother buying it. But all the news and garbage that took up months of Podcasting was just awful.
  3. E3 2014 – E3 this year was kind of a disappointment, no one really blew me away, and there just were enough interesting announcements to get excited for.
  4. Final Fantasy VII PC to PS4 Port – This is just stupid, I don’t even care about a FFVII remake, I’m just sick of all these ports and HD remakes of shit. Just knock it off already and make a new freaking game!
  5. The Interview Being Canceled – This is super fresh, but holy crap what a load of trash this is. Some hackers make threats so you completely pull a movie? Well guess we know how Hollywood will be run from now on, no more fun controversial movies.

Arkham Knight


  1. Destiny – It has the foundation to have been a GREAT game, but everything that the game does that isn’t killing enemies is awful. The level progression system was weird and broken, there was nowhere near enough content to match the progression, and the story was AWFUL. All that said its not even my most disappointing game of the year.
  2. Watch_Dogs – If I knew that this game was just GTA with crazy hacking phone I would not have even bothered buying it. I’m not exactly sure why I expected anything more than that, but I did and was super letdown by it.
  3. Broken game launches – As opposed to Cobb’s listing of delays, I’d rather a game be delayed and come out in a fully working state vs a game come out completely broken (Drive Club, AC:Unity, Halo). If a game needs a multiple GB patch to work, I’d rather it be delayed.
  4. CM Punk leaves WWE – CM Punk has been arguably the best all-around performer WWE has had since Stone Cold. But the day after the 2014 Royal Rumble he abruptly left the company and it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that we ever found out all the details (from his perspective) about why he left. WWE has spent the better part of the year trying to fill the void left by Punk and seems to finally figuring things out. Punk has since signed with the UFC so we how that works out for him.
  5. Transformers: Age of Extinction – Fuck that movie it was awful. It was an hour too long, had a character carrying his “statutory rape get out of jail free card”, and Mark Wahlberg’s character was terrible. How that was the #1 grossing movie of the year I’ll never understand.



  1. PS4 2014 Lineup – 2014 was a pretty boring year for early Adopting gamers. As a PS4 owner, I couldn’t for the life of me find a reason to recommend this console to anyone all year. Even now most of my recommendations are for 2015 releases. It’s disappointing. There were still some gems to pay attention to, but largely nothing worth spending $400 on.
  2. Community Canceled – Yeah, I know it’s coming back… on Yahoo. It’s still worth being disappointed that NBC, and other networks, still find the need to cancel shows just because they aren’t Big Bang Theory.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man 2 – This movie was a mess. It was a really well done story about Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey. That part was damned near perfect, but the rest of the movie was… dumb. The villains were so misrepresented it wasn’t even funny. Rhino was in the movie for all of 45 seconds. Green Goblin (ugh) was so poorly realized. His entire arc was based solely on the fact that Harry’s a stuck up snob and that Pete can’t say “let’s look into this first.” Nothing about it was logical! Electro was awesome. I can’t bad mouth that performance. But nothing felt right. It was all so disconnected from the rest of the movie, that I just didn’t really care for anything besides Pete and Gwen.
  4. The Return of Peter Parker – Oh, Superior Spider-Man, how I loved thee! I still think this book could have really screwed with the Marvel 616 in some very incredible ways, and yet… it’s gone. Why? Just to bring the title back for the release of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie! You’ve disappointed me twice this year ASM2! TWICE! (I will not that the transitions was handled well in the book, I just wish we had more time with Spidey-Ock.)
  5. Destiny – I put this last solely because I really enjoy the game, but it did not live up to the expectations set by Bungie at all. I was promised a deep, engrossing story; endless worlds to explore for hours on end; and hours and hours of roaming/killing for bad ass loot. What I got was a shallow plot, with very solid shooting mechanics. 4 incredibly small worlds (less than 15 minutes to make it all the way around them). And an staggering amount of reputation management and currency exchanges to PURCHASE new gear… This is not what I was expecting. But I still can’t put it down.

infamous second son


  1. Gamecube Adaptor for Wii U – Wow. Way to fuck it up Nintendo. This could have single handedly made the Wii mode of the Wii U redeemed. This could have been a gracious effort to keep the 12 year old controllers people hold dear still able to function on the modern system. Instead it only works for smash. That’s it. No future support. This sucks.
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) – What the actual fuck. Okay, so while it wasn’t AS BAD as I thought it would be it still was not worth paying for. The intro voice over is cringe inducing while the explanation for Splinter teaching himself Ninjutsu… somehow…is not even present. As in that is the line from the film where Splinter says “I started teaching myself Ninjutsu”. That’s it. I guess he got a book or something. The turtles voices were the most egregious violation next to the catfish face they gave Splinter. Knoxville not being particularly bad, but by being the most recognizable voice kept pulling me out of the film when I was able to get into it for a brief moment. Michelangelo’s dialogue was the closest to what I would consider canon turtles but the voice was too off still for me to accept it.
  3. Smash Bros (3ds) – Great game but man, this is uncomfortable to play.
  4. Assassins Creed Unity – I rushed out to buy it like every other Assassins Creed game, but this one remained in the plastic until I ultimately returned it. Every day since release I saw nothing but bugs, and bad PR. Whether or not the game is really THAT bad is irrelevant because it clearly is not finished.
  5. Apple Watch – I drink the Kool-Aid on almost everything Apple has shit out since 1986. This is my breaking point. There are so many other smart watches that do what this will do for hundreds less. Also, the gold version is reported to cost $4999. Fuck that.

wii u gamecube adapter


  1. Ubisoft – What can is say, I trash on them a lot and they deserve it. They need to learn the ideal of quality over quantity. They are starting to be on my no buy list, due to the poor releases. Unity is a completely broken game, which should have never been releases. Rogue, will be ported to next get within the next few months, and if it is full price of $60 they can go blow themselves. Over all I just don’t like them. They are by far the worst of 2014 for me.
  2. Poor Game releases – Basically along with Ubisoft, there has been an influx of unfinished games being released. To name a few you have the Crew, a PS4 Launch title that was delayed a year for “faulty menus”, Assassins Creed Unity, basically released as an alpha, and I kinda remember there being an issue with the Battlefield being faulty this year. There are many more that I can’t remember but, these developers need to learn to make sure these games properly work before going gold.
  3. Gamergate/Nerd Hate – This basically covers all the complaints this year about the nerd hating on the “non-nerd” girls in the industry. The death and rape threats on the woman who created Depression Quest, that started it all, as well as all the other threats on people’s health, wellbeing, safety, and families. This is completely uncalled for, what gives you the right?!
  4. Cosplay Complaints – Ever since the show “Heroes of Cosplay” started, there has been an influx of judgmental douche nerds that feel obligated to point out all the flaws. There was even a shirt that said “Cosplay – do it right or don’t do it at all”. As a cosplayer myself, this hit close to home! A) There is no right or wrong with cosplay, there is just doing. B) If you feel you have the right to judge me, please do so in costume, If you don’t have the balls to dress in cosplay, then you have no right to tell me I’m doing anything wrong C) If you do dress in cosplay, it’s all fun, no judgment, just help with advancing the craft
  5. Cinema Announcement Overload – I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to know what will be released in the next 6 years over at Marvel and DC. I wish I didn’t know. The end of this half of Agents of Shield would been that much better. There is no point to releasing teasers, since I know it is coming already. They gotta settle down a notch.


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