Friday Five – Video Game Music

Friday Five - Video Game Music

Welcome back to the Friday Five! Each week we give you a little insight about our writers in the form of a top 5 list. This week we bring you our top 5 selections of  Video Game Music. We range from specific songs to full soundtracks, and we left a sweet ass link to youtube videos for each choice. Read on, and tell us what your favorite 5 video game songs/soundtracks are in the comments below!


True Story: I told my parents that I wanted to take my fiance to see a live Final Fantasy Concert. The look they gave me was one of deep concern. They asked “Do you really want to take her to see a concert that sounds like a cell phone ringtone?”(This was before they had smart phones of course.) I made every attempt to explain how it’s changed a lot since they were kids, but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I played some songs off of youtube that they began understand. Even then they questioned the validity of the beautiful orchestral melodies that I associated with video games. You would think that 23 years of hearing the TV from the other room would have left a positive impression on them. To my parents, and many others, Video Games will always sound like a string of randomized Beeps and Boops. To us it sounds like music.

  1. Liberi Fatali – Final Fantasy VIII – Played at the opening of Final Fantasy VIII, this song set the tone for the entire game: Epic.
  2. Vamo’ Alla Flamenco – Final Fantasy IX – My favorite Final Fantasy, and one of the coolest moments in the game! :-p
  3. Still Alive – Portal – The cliffhanger ending was actually sung, during the credits!
  4. Trainer Battle – Pokemon – One of the greatest songs ever!
  5. Type A – Tetris – Now it’s stuck in your head!



I love music, whether it’s the radio, tv, movies, or video games. Everyone has those tunes they recognize after just a few notes. For me a lot of them are video game music, stuff I grew up with. The great thing about the internet is you get things like OC Remix, and bands like The One-Ups who make video game related or inspired music. And in OC-Remixes case straight remixes of some really awesome video game music! Anyway my top 5 this week are mostly older stuff so let’s starts:

  1. Main Theme – Super Mario Bros
  2. Overworld Theme – Legend of Zelda
  3. Emerald Hill Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  4. EVERYTHING! – Final Fantasy 7
  5. Main Theme – Mortal Kombat  – And here’s a fun video to go with it! MORTAL KOMBAT!


Final Fantasy VII - Case Cover


Like Cobb, I love music in general not just from video games. It’s just something that I couldn’t imagine living without. Video games would just not be the same without music.

  1. The Pervert (Lucavi Demon Battle Theme) – Final Fantasy Tactics – This was hard to pick soooo many amazing songs on the soundtrack!
  2. One Winged Angel – Final Fantasy VII
  3. Theme Song – NHL 94
  4. Crash Man – Mega Man 2
  5. Tristram Town Music – Diablo


Megaman Playing Guitar



Music in games is a very important staple when I’m playing a game. If it doesn’t pull me in and captivate me into playing further then why go on? If the music doesn’t make me feel the intensity of the situation then I don’t feel like playing. It’s Hard for me to pick my favorites because there are so many but I will try my best.

  1. Chocobo Themes – Final Fantasy Series – These songs are the pick me up that i need when playing a serious game like Final Fantasy.
  2. Overworld – Super Smash Brothers: Brawl OST – It is a remake of the classic Mario theme music with a sort of island twist to it. It was probably Created for Mario: Sunshine which that is a great game. (*Editors Note- It was for New Super Mario Bros.)
  3. Ocarina of Time Medley – Super Smash Brothers: Brawl OST- As far as I can remember Ocarina of Time was the fist Zelda game I ever played. The music of OOT really drew you into the game and helped immerse you in the current situation, such as when traveling through the plains of Hyrule or getting ready to fight Gannon.
  4. Mega Man 3 Theme– It’s just a fun midi tune that brental floss successfully put Lyrics to.
  5. Finally this… I know its not from any specific game but it is still game related and AWESOME!!!



Here we go!

  1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Soundtrack
  2. Donkey Kong Country – Soundtrack
  3. Crazy Taxi – Soundtrack
  4. DDR – Series
  5. Mario Kart – Series

Link and Zelda


Music in general is a passion of mine, so being a gamer, video game music holds a special place in my heart. I also happen to be a bit of a musician. I went to school for game design, while there, I co-composed two soundtracks for student made games. It was perhaps the coolest thing I ever got to do for a grade, I got straight A’s in those classes! Anyway, although I could probably give you a top 100 on this topic,  I tried to throw in a couple lesser appreciated songs.  So don’t go saying my picks are weird! I love Final Fantasy VII too! In no particular order:

  1. USSR Theme – Super Dodge-ball
  2. Storm Eagle – Megaman X – I could never forgive myself if I didn’t put at least one song from X.
  3. Stage 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Arcade Game
  4. Celes’ Theme – Final Fantasy VI – I’m sorry, I tried to exclude Final Fantasy from my list, I just couldn’t do it…
  5. Hilltop Zone – Sonic 2
is not a boss.

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