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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know us a little better with the help of a top five list. This week’s category: TV Parents.

Since we were all pretty much raised by TV we’ve decided to tribute this week to the parents that help shaped our childhood. Take a look at our picks, and list your own in the comments below!


I always have a hard time remembering names so I’m just going to list them by show.

  1. Cow and Chicken – Ma and Pa – I don’t know, I always found the parents on that show funny. and the oddity of having a cow and a chicken as kids was enough humor.
  2. Home Improvement – Jill and Tim Taylor – Always kinda reminded me of my dad. I also think on an acting standpoint they were right for each other.
  3. Rugrats – Didi and Stu Pickles – The never grow up attitude of the toy maker father was a fun idea, I kinda wished I could be the kid of a toy inventor.
  4. Powerpuff Girls: The Professor – Yeah, I watched it, what of it?
  5. Everybody Hates Chris -Rochelle and Julius – She was such a bitch, but in a super loving way, and Julius just wanted to sleep, which I can totally appreciate.

Mom and Dad's legs from Cow and Chicken


  1. Jack Bauer – 24
  2. Frank Reynolds – Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  3. Peter Griffin – Family Guy
  4. Randy Marsh – South Park
  5. Anthony Cooper(Locke’s Dad) – Lost

Jack Bauer holding a gun


  1. Earl & Fran Sinclair – Dinosaurs
  2. Homer & Marge Simpson – The Simpsons
  3. Al & Peggy Bundy – Married with Children
  4. Booth & Brennan – Bones
  5. Phil & Vivian – Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Earl and Fran Sinclair


  1. Red Forman – That 70’s Show – Be it a swift kick to the knee, or calling someone a dumbass, Red knew how to handle any situation.
  2. Nigel Thornberry – The Wild Thornberrys – So, your dad is a nature show host and you live with him, and the rest of your family, in an RV while exploring the wild for clips for said show. Yeah, that’s just awesome.
  3. Zeus – Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – HE’S THE GOD OF GODS!
  4. Michael Bluth – Arrested Development – He had a rough time trying to balance the families problems, while raising his son alone. It made for quite a bit of hilarity.
  5. Ron Swanson – Parks and Recreation – I broke the rules with this one. . . He’s not a parent at all, but he damn well should be.

Red Forman reading a news paper


  1. Fry – Futurama – He’s the youngest great great great great great great. . . great grand father ever.
  2. Red Foreman – That 70’s Show – Wasn’t afraid to call someone a dumbass.
  3. Henry Spencer – He compliments the show very well.
  4. Splinter – TMNT – The most badass adoptive father ever.
  5. Sophia – The Golden Girls – She’s missing that filter, like most old people, and is always telling her daughter Dorothy how it is.

Fry with a guy and bubble gum

is not a boss.

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