Friday Five – Things That Make Us Cry

Lie down, try not to cry, cry a lot.

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers a bit with the help of a Top 5 list! This weeks category: Thinks that make us cry. . .
You learned recently that we’re all secretly little girls that love to watch girly movies. This week we take it up a notch! This week we’re telling you what TV shows, books, movies, etc. make us act like whimpering fools. We aren’t ashamed to admit the truth that every now and then, something makes us a little emotional. No shame! But seriously. . . why do they have to do this crap to us?!


Tthere are just certain things that are givens, “Jurassic Bark”, A bunch of Pixar movies like Up and Toy Story 3, and who can forget the Pokemon episode “Pikachu’s Goodbye”. Most of my list are things that I’ve seen recently or at the very least was reminded of recently.

  1. Doctor Who – “The End of Time” – “I don’t want to go” is one of the saddest lines I’ve ever heard anywhere.

  3. Doctor Who – “Journey’s End” – I didn’t much like Donna when I first got to season 4 of the new Doctor Who, but after a few episode she really grows on you, then BAM! She’s gone and it’s super depressing.

  5. Doctor Who – “The Angels Take Manhattan” – Amy and Rory have been my favorite Companions in Doctor Who, and this is their swan song. . . I knew going in that this would be it, but god damn every time you pull yourself back together they just twist the knife a little more.

  7. Serenity – “A Leaf On The Wind” – If “I don’t want to go!” isn’t one of the saddest lines out there, then “I’m a leaf on the wind” is!

  9. Terminator 2 – When the T-800 sacrifices himself to protect the future – You know the whole movie there is no way it’s ending with Arnolds T-800 setting up a ‘life’ in the ‘90s. He was there to protect John Connor from the T-1000 and once that mission was done so was he. By the end though you don’t want the poor machine to go! Regardless of if a similar model shows up in Terminator 3, it’s just not the same.

Wash from Firefly playing with Dinosaurs


After having kids my hormones and views on life have changed, so I cry at just about everything. Here are some more profound moments that made me sob like a baby.

  1. Toy Story 3 – The end of the junkyard scene when they all hold hands, and the last scene.

  3. Up – The beginning.

  5. Bones – “The Friend in Need” – I’ve cried during many episodes of Bones, but this one was just a couple weeks ago. At the end of the episode there is a very emotional scene between a mother and daughter, and I just lost it. The episode the week before got me really good too.

  7. 50 First Dates – The end when she’s watching the video he made and she comes out to see her daughter.

  9. Faith in Humanity Restored Pictures – Ok, I sort of cheated on this one. Even though it’s real life stuff, it’s not my life, so it’s sort of like seeing clips from a show or movie.

Andy holding Buzz Lightyear and Woody in Toy Story 3


I’m a man, I don’t cry! Tear jerkers don’t get to me in the least bit. *Rips out chest hair* *whimper*. Hypothetically though if things like that really got to me these would be the top 5.

  1. How I Met Your Mother – To start off cheating, I could list many episodes in this category from this show. Of those I have to Say that “Bad News”, “The Final Page, Part Two (The Robin)”, and “Symphony of Illumination” are among the top three. “Bad News” is especially bad knowing what I know about the episode. They have all had me balled up *cough* sobbing *cough* I mean sitting there manly.

  3. Naruto Shippuden – There are a lot of intense moments in that anime, but the episodes involving Naruto’s mother and father just down right were so depressing. These episodes show how they pass and what happened to them, and how much they loved Naruto.

  5. Reality Competition/Skill Shows – Shows like “King of the Nerds”(yeah i watched it) and “So you think you can dance” when a contestant does something amazing or gets kicked off, its kinda sad sometimes. Tell me you cannot watch this without getting a little teary eyed. () I cannot even listen to this song without getting a little choked up.

  7. The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor – Finding out what happens to Penny, and how Phillip (The Governor) reacts. I put the book down for 2 weeks.

  9. Assassins Creed: Embers – Learning what comes of Eizo. It’s just a downright sad animated short film.

Now that I just let that out to you all I have to go do something manly.*grabs hammer*… *hammers thumb* *balls up on floor crying*
Robin and Barney on the rooftop in How I Met Your Mother


Ok, I’ll admit that I’m a baby. I cry when things get sad, and my wife generally sits there emotionless. She’s pretty tough. Except for that one time that. . .

  1. Doctor Who – “The End of Time” – This episode is going to be up here a lot. I did my best to hold strong throughout the episode but, damnit it all to hell, I just couldn’t! The entire episode is just a stab in the heart that slowly twists until you reach your breaking point only for them to twist it even further! What really solidified it all was David Tennant’s last words – “I don’t wanna go!” We didn’t want you to go either!

  3. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Movie) – At the end, when the war is won and Middle Earth is finally in peace, I lose it. As Frodo tells his friends that he has to leave, and says good bye, I well up and let it all out. After all he’s been through, Frodo deserves the rest, but his friends can’t come. It’s horrible.

  5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) – I read the book when it came out, so I knew how the movie and the scenes were going to play out. However, none of that stopped me from tearing up and sniffling in the middle of the theater when Harry released the Resurrection Stone after accepting his fate to die at the hands of Voldemort. I just couldn’t handle it.

  7. The Office – “Goodbye, Michael” – Michael Scott’s final episode. This is one of the greatest send offs for a character ever. I rank it up there with Doctor Who The End of Time. One final episode for Michael Scott to say goodbye, and still leave everyone guessing. We miss you Michael!

  9. Lost – “The End” – I’m one of the people that truly loved the ending to Lost. I actually marathoned the entire series in the months before the ending, but ran a bit late. I ended up watching the finale about two weeks after it aired. I was hysterical. The ending to this show was so beyond perfect, it was exactly what it needed to be. A final closing for all of the characters, and a proper explanation for those that were willing to see it. Absolute perfection. Live together, die alone.




Well, hell! For being an emotionless hardass, Eric and I seem to have an incredibly similar list. But it is true, unless it involves a hurt or dying animal, I usually won’t turn on the water works. However, I also try to limit the things that do cause me to tear up.

  1. Almost every Disney movie, particularly the 90’s ones – What was it with the 90’s Disney people. They just assumed we could handle the weight of the world as toddlers! I definitely will never willing sit down to watch The Fox and the Hound. And then they have to kill off poor Simba’s daddy! Don’t get me started on Bambi! WTF Disney?

  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – book and movie – I lost it in the theater when he had his conversation with Dumbledore after he died. SPOILER ALERT! (hmmm.. Maybe that’s supposed to come before.)

  5. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – I have an irrational love for this series, so when Frodo says goodbye to everyone at the end I lose it. 🙁

  7. Doctor Who – The End of Time – I cried. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it. They dragged it out so long, with all of his farewells. Why did you have to say goodbye to everyone!!! 🙁 RIP Dr. Who-D. Tennant. You are greatly missed.

  9. Homeward Bound – I was running out of options and remembered this one. I lost it when Shadow told Sassie and Chance to go on without him at the end after he injured himself.”You can’t leave him behind!!!”.

Frodo and Samwise say goodbye in Lord of the Rings Return of the King

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