Friday Five: Spells and Abilities

Friday Five - Spells and Abilities

Welcome to the newest installment of the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know us better by answering life’s most pressing questions with a Top 5 list! This week’s Category: Spell and Abilities! As an added rule, we were not to include superpowers.

What child doesn’t grow up wishing they had the ability to shoot fire out of their hands, or slow down time? Spells and Abilities from games, movies, and even books, kept us. . . ahem. . . spellbound by their awesome display of power. Spells and Abilities help portray a hero or villain as an unstoppable force, allow a character to differentiate from others based on their skill set, and most of all they’re so goddamned cool! In this Friday Five we pay tribute to out favorite Spells and Abilities from games, books, movies, and TV shows. Don’t forget to tell us your favorites by posting them in the comments below!



This is a tough one to come up with. There are so many cool abilities in games and movies, but what do I consider my favorites. And on top of that which ones aren’t super powers. So lets just get to it

1. The Force (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) – This game did it right, and the rag doll physics were awesome.

2. Cure (Any RPG) – Who doesn’t want to be able to just heal themself when bad shit happens?

3. Stealth (WoW) – creeping around invisible is pretty cool

4. Shooting sword with power! (Zelda) – Being healthy means shooting energy or throwing your sword depending on the game, I’m alright with that.

5. Dragon Rage (Pokemon) – This was one of the best moves in Pokemon, especially if you had a friend who you could trade a Charmander to before Brock, then you could roll into his gym and kick his ass with a fire type.



1.Frozen Orb – Diablo 2 – Swiriling ball of ice that shoots ice spikes in every direction this move was pure dominance for the Sorceress, easily wiping out screens of enemies in a single cast. (If I wanted to cheat like Walnuts I’d include Meteor and Chain Lightning =P)

2. Stasis Sword – FFT – Cool looking move learned by Holy Knights Agrias and T.G. Cid that deals damage and potentially Stop.

3. Beta – FF7 – An E. Skill learned from the Midgar Zolom that did pretty damn good damage and looked and sounded awesome to boot.

4. Lion Heart – FF8 – Main Character Squall’s Final Iimit break

5. Bloody Mess – Fallout 3 – This perk added damage and made it so the enemies may pretty much explode upon being killed.



As long as I can remember I’ve been imagining how cool it would be to use The Force, or summon Bahamut to fight by my side. The sense of power that comes with these abilities is amazing, and the visual spectacle can occasionally leave me astonished. I’m finding it hard to decide which 5 are at the top of my list, but I’ll give it a shot:

1. Jump – Not your Super Mario bullshit! I mean the Final Fantasy, take yourself out of the fight for a few rounds then come back to rain hell on your enemies, Jump!

2. Mysterious Stranger – This guy has saved my ass more times then I can count in Fallout 3.

3. Enemy Skill – Learn your foes attacks, so you can shove it right back at them! I’m cool with either the Final Fantasy or Mega Man version of this skill.

4. Teeth – Throw a magical set of teeth at Diablo’s Minion in Diablo II. Level it up to throw a whole mouthful! :-p

5. Bullet Time – I know it’s old, and sometimes overused. However, you have to admit that no matter what your doing in Bullet Time, you look awesome!


Diablo - Teeth




You know, if any of these were actually real, this world would be in a whole mess-a trouble!

1. Transform into a Witch Cat – Soul Eater – Witches have the ability to cast spells and transform into animals. The best being the cutest cat ever!

2. Waise Heill – Eragon – Who wouldn’t want to be able to heal themselves and others?

3. Telepathy – Eragon – Having a pet dragon has many perks, one being the ability to communicate with the dragon through telepathy.

4. Apparate – Harry Potter – No more waiting in traffic! No more paying for air fare! Just think, a you are there! :-p

5. Seeing past events – Sookie Stackhouse Novels – The ultimate detective ability! See what happened, and how, at your current location through some ghostly images.



I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been playing a game or watching a movie and said “Yes! That was awesome!” Yet when put on the spot like this I’m kinda at a loss. So without making my brain bleed from sessions of intense thought, here’s the 5 off the top of my head:

1. Lift- Mass Effect – Nothing like rendering an enemy helpless in mid-air and slaughtering them!

2. Valkyria- Valkyria Chronicles- Alicia Melchiott: “I’m a weapon… No! A shield!”

3. Freeze – Mortal Kombat- Performed by Sub Zero. I like rendering enemies helpless!

4. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack– DBZ – Preformed by Gotenks.

5. Detective Vision – Batman Arkham Asylum/City


Batman - Detective Vision

Detective Vision

is not a boss.

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