Friday Five – Rainy Day Activities

Rain on the ground


Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know us better with the help of a top five list. This weeks category: Rainy Day Activities.

Honestly, I would have gone with “Favorite Halloween Costumes” over our category, considering that Halloween is way cooler than rain, but  Chris made the decision this week. I mean, there really is only so many ways to say “Sit around and play games, much like every other day. . .” I guess you’ll just have to stick around for our favorite Halloween costumes next year. The worst part about this one? A bunch of us couldn’t partake in our activities with the power being out. My power just turned back on in the middle of the night, and JohnScott is still waiting for his. Well, without further adieu, the worst category we’ve ever chosen:



  1. Watch the storm
  2. Play Final Fantasy
  3. Play an MMO
  4. Watch History Channel
  5. Watch Indiana Jones Series
Rain in Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Rain

I usually spend my time at home playing with the kids, doing housework and spacing on the computer. When it’s stormy I tend to do a lot less housework, but everything else is pretty much the same.

  1. Board Games – if the power is out, otherwise I have my technology.
  2. Bake – it’s nice to have comforting smells throughout your home on a rainy day.
  3. Catch up on recorded shows – if I’ve watched everything on the DVR I just flip channels.
  4. Waste time online – This isn’t any different than a normal day, but it consumes a lot of my free time, so it works here.
  5. Other stuffs
Raining Cakes

Cake Rain

I honestly don’t really treat rainy days any differently than any other day. I play WoW and D3 a lot as it is, so rain or shine it’s pretty much the same. I do have a few things that seem to happen more often when it’s rainy outside so here they are:

  1. Run out in the rain- I tend to leave the car windows open, this happens more in the summer.
  2. Sleep- this is a special one, like for hurricane Sandy I got called out of work so I just went back to bed
  3. Movies/Video Games- I tend to do these simultaneously, and I do them even if it’s not raining but like I described, more than when it’s nice out.
  4. Swim- In the summer, if it’s not thundering, I like to go swimming in the cooler temp water. It’s more relaxing on the muscles imo.
  5. Card/Board Games- having kids is a big part of this. My son doesn’t really get out as much as I would like, but when it rains he seems to want to play more of his board games.

I’m with Vogel on this one. A rainy day is no different than a sunny day. If the power goes out well… that’s a different story.

  1. Play Video Games –  Very self explanatory. There’s no one game I want to play when it rains. Just whatever I was in the middle of before I guess. The worst part about today’s storm is that it may impede the midnight launch of Assassin’s Creed III. If this happens. . . Sandy. Will. Pay.
  2. Watch Movies – All kinds of movies. Nothing in particular.
  3. Read Comics – I’m half hoping I lose power today so I have no excuse to not read my excessively large pile of comics I’m behind on.  Only half hoping tho.
  4. Board Games – Always a good time, but only if other people are stuck at my house with Audra and I. We can get pretty competitive with each other.
  5. Storm Watch – Primarily thunderstorms, but particularly windy storms are fun too.
Spider-Man in Rain

Spider-Man Rain


  1. Play football – This was more when I was younger but it was always fun to play a game of football out in the rain and mud.
  2. Watch sports – If it’s too rainy to go out and play sports I will gladly stay inside and watch sports, this is best on Sundays from September to January.
  3. Play video games – It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is the running theme of this week’s Friday 5. I used the 2 days off due to the storm this week to play a lot of Diablo III but I could have easily played Borderlands 2, NHL 13, or really anything else I currently have.
  4. Watch movies – Rainy days are great for just hanging on the couch and watching movies, I prefer a good comedy on a dreary day.
  5. Play board/card games – another popular answer this week but its hard to not include it. A few of my favorites are Risk, Munchkin, Mille Bornes, and Cards Against Humanity.
Fans in Ponchos

Sports Rain

I’m with Eric. A rainy day can be awesome, but 3-4 days afterward without power, in the cold, because of a tree branch on a wire, that the power company doesn’t want to come out to fix, even though the branch has been cleared away, and now the power company is pushing back their ‘done by’ date, all the while having your newly wed husband all grumps because the new Assassins creed game just came out and he can’t play it, is not my first choice of awesome.
Anywho, let’s say it’s your average rainy day with all of the luxuries still in tact…

  1. Get on my fluffiest jammies, wrap myself in my fluffiest throw and cuddle with my fluffiest kitty (which usually last 2 minutes at most, then I let them go cause I’m tired of the battle.) Then watch a movie or Eric play video games.
  2. Can I say ‘watch Eric play games’ again? Well I’m going to. But this time I’ll cuddle up next to him while he plays God of War, or something scarrrry.
  3. Sit by a rainy winder, get a hot cup of chocolate or coffee, cuddle up in a blanket with a good book. Big fantasy reader, however I’m on ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ now.
  4. Sew something, I can’t wait to start my next project. Have to get more nerdy things up on my etsy shop.
  5. Now I REALLY hate to admit this. Facebook. But to be honest, there are a lot of people who I love but live an hour or more away, and sometimes its just fun to be silly over the facebooks. I find myself in giggle fits sometimes.
Kitten staring out at rain

Kitten Rain


  1. Watch “The Notebook.”
  2. Read Romance Novels, only ones with Fabio on the cover.
  3. Play with dolls.
  4. Write poetry.
  5. Bedazzle my wardrobe!
The Notebook and rain.

The Notebook Rain

is not a boss.

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