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Power Rangers Legacy
Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help get to know us a little better with the help of a top 5 list. This week we’re finishing out our Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Celebration with our top 5 moments from Power Rangers.
With a 20 year history, Power Rangers has had some outstanding episodes, characters, villains, and storylines. But if you break it all down, there are particularly memorable moments for everyone in these shows. There’s so much to pull from here, that it instantly became one of the harder lists we’ve ever had to make. Take a look, and let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!


  1. First Appearance of White Tiger Zord – It was such a funny entrance, Tommy coming back as the White Ranger was kind of cool with him floating down into the command center and removing his helmet. But then when it came to calling the Tiger Zord it was just goofy. The Zord came running in it’s weird fashion and ended up falling over on it’s back and getting stuck for a second. Granted it then turned battle mode and kicked ass, but that was not the smoothest of entrances that’s for sure.
  2. The Zord battle from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie – I love the Power Rangers Movie, it came out on my 9th birthday and I got to see it that day. That Zord battle at the end of the movie is just amazing. It’s one of the only times you see the zords battle independently for a while, and then they form up the megazord, but it’s not done yet. Tommy was saving a train, so after a few minutes we get the Ninja Falcon Megazord!
  3. The Power Transfer – Not the whole 2 episodes, just the final transfer of power at the end. Thinking back on it, it seemed like Power Rangers had been on for so much longer that it really had at this point. I guess that’s just being a kid and everything taking forever. It was nuts though, the heroes I’d spent watching were leaving and these new people I didn’t like all that much were coming in. Luckily the new rangers ended up being just as good as the old. Also go back and watch it now, you’ll notice all the poor dubbing done for the departing actors since by this episode they were already actually done.
  4. Power Rangers In Space Shell Shocked – I agree it was ridiculous, but awesome too! The two franchises I loved the most as a kid were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers, so putting them together was like a dream. Of course it could have been better if The Next Mutation wasn’t such a bad series.
  5. The Dragon Zord – Yeah I know it’s kind of a cheap, but I always loved the Dragon Zord, didn’t matter if Tommy was calling it, or if it was later on when Jason had the powers. It was just always such a cool zord, and you knew if they formed up with him at all it was a tough bad guy, because Dragon Zord could usually hold his own against the enemies!



I pretty much exhausted mine last week. . . so this is going to be rough.

  1. Morphin’ Time! – The first time I saw Power Rangers I was hooked. It was just these really cool people that fought these weird ass putty monsters. But things were getting tough, so Jason shouts “It’s Morphin Time!” and everything somehow became more awesome! I wanted to be that so bad as a kid!
  2. Thunderzords – I used this last week, but this was one of the coolest events I can remember as a kid. It aired on a friday night, and I didn’t move from my spot on the couch once. The introduction of Lord Zedd, and the new Zords. It was just too cool.
  3. Weapons – The rangers rarely used their weapons when battling enemies. More often than not they’d try punching and kicking a bit, then the monster would grow forcing the rangers into their Zords. Every once in awhile the enemies would put up a fight without growing, prompting the rangers to use their unique weapons. Those were awesome.
  4. Monster creation – I called Finster out on being lame a few weeks back, because he is super lame. But seeing the monsters come to life after going through that stupid ass machine was always exciting.
  5. White Ranger reveal – It was only a few weeks after the Green Ranger lost his powers, but it was still incredible. It sucked losing Tommy, he was arguably everyones favorite of the original cast. When the mask came off and we saw Tommy donning the White Ranger outfit, everything wasn’t just ok, it was awesome!


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