Friday Five – Power Rangers Episodes

Original Cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top five list. Sticking with the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers theme we’ve decided to list our Favorite Power Rangers Episodes!
The best part about Power Rangers is a lot of the show was generic “Monster of the Week” styled episodes. There were plenty of ongoing story lines and multiple part arcs, but for the most part you could chime in whenever and not miss much. The downside to this style is that most of the multi-part episodes tend to stand out more than the monster of the week ones. Regardless, there were few episodes that anyone hated for reasons other than disliking that weeks villain.


  1. The Mutiny – This three part series introduced Lord Zedd and the Thunderzords! What more could you want.
  2. The Green Candle – The end of the Green Ranger was pretty sad, luckily we all know it didn’t last!
  3. Forever Red – It had every Red Ranger up to that point it was a pretty epic moment in Power Rangers.
  4. Legacy of Power – It’s really just a clip show, but it’s also the 500th episode of the series and shows the new Dino Thunder Rangers just how awesome of a legacy they’re becoming part of, and where their teacher came from. It’s also a nice way to learn more about the series if you missed a few season here or there, or just wanted a recap.
  5. Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers – The Alien Rangers were cool, but the part of this story that always stood out the most was how all the rangers transformed back into kids and got transported all over the world to try and fix it. They also used it to replace the second Yellow ranger Aisha with the a new girl named Tanya.

The Thunderzords introduced in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Mutiny


This was a tough one for me, primarily because I have a hard time remembering specific episodes. I can remember specific moments a little better, but for the most part it all just melds together as an awesome blur.

  1. The Mutiny – I remember having some childhood friends over to watch these episodes. If memory serves me well, they all aired as a special on a Friday night. It was one of the coolest episodes of anything I ever watched. Also, Thunderzords!
  2. Gung ho! – I had no idea what this episode was about until one of the other nerds here helped me remember. All I knew was that Tommy and Jason were supposed to help one another out, to learn to work together and not step on each others toes. Also, Tommy lended his gold shield to Jason and it was awesome.
  3. The Power Transfer – Ok, weird memory here. I was so excited to find out who the new rangers were, but I had to poop in the worst way. So I stood up the entire episode doing the “OMG I gotta shit” dance. I ended up giving in and missed the last 10 minutes. But I was cool to see the first change in cast since the show started.
  4. White Light – The ominous White Ranger. He wasn’t nearly as mysterious as the Gold Ranger was with his introduction, but he was still awesome. It was so cool when he floated down in the Command Center and took off his mask.
  5. Green With Evil – I thought this would be the most used episode(s) but it wasn’t. The introduction of the Green Ranger, and him being evil, was just too cool. He ended up being everyone’s favorite. The dragon dagger was awesome, and far cooler than Saba the talking sword.

Tommy transferring the power of Red, Yellow, and Black rangers to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha

is not a boss.

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