Friday Five – Movies We've Embarrassingly Never Seen

Friday Five - Movies we've embarrassingly never seen.
Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers a little better with the help of a top 5 list. This week’s category: Movies we’ve embarrassingly never seen.
Lets face it, no matter how many movies you watch there’s always going to be that one that you pass up, or never got around to seeing, that surprises the hell out of someone else. That reaction of bewilderment on that person’s face is one of my favorite things to witness. Conversely, the idea that we’ve gone our entire lives of twenty-some odd years without seeing these movies is completely baffling. In some cases it can be down right obnoxious! The fact that we’ve gone so long without seeing some of these movies is absolutely unacceptable. OK! Gather up everyone! It’s time to plan a movie marathon!


I watch a lot of movies, I always have. Unfortunately I have some huge misses from my have seen films. Some are just goofy stuff that I never got around to seeing but wanted to. Others like the list below are stuff that almost everyone sees, but I somehow managed to miss even when they’re on TV all the damn time!

  1. The Wizard of Oz – You’d think a movie that’s on TV every freaking year would have at some point been watched, but nope. Maybe when I was really young before I can remember, but outside of that I’ve never seen the movie start to finish. I’ve tried a few times and have just gotten distracted or fallen asleep.

  3. First Blood/Rambo Series – Whenever there’s a crazy action scene with one guy, they usually get referred to as Rambo, that’s how influential this series was on popcorn action movies, and I’ve never seen a single one.

  5. The Goonies – This is probably the biggest hole in my movie watching life. I know how the movie goes, I know who’s in it, but I just never saw it. Someday I’ll fix that, hell maybe even someday soon!

  7. Alien – I’ve seen some of the sequels, but never the original. It’s such a beloved scifi film that I’m almost scared to watch it for fear of it not living up to the hype.

  9. Predator – Here’s another movie where I know what happens, I can even quote some of the more famous scenes but I’ve never seen it outside of some random clips.

Special Mention: The Star Wars Holiday Special – As a fan of Star Wars I feel like I really should have seen this at some point no matter how bad it is.
Poster for The Goonies


Growing up I didn’t really watch lots of movies, so there’s probably more than 5 movies I’ve not seen that I should have, either from a “nerd cred” standpoint or just from a classic greatness standpoint. So I’m gonna try and make a mix of the 2 categories.

  1. The Godfather series – It’s a “classic” man type movie and (Parts I & II at least) are often referred to as some of the greatest movies ever made. I possess the DVDs of the series but have never really had the desire to watch them. Maybe I will some day because they are classics, but who knows.

  3. Tron – Yup, never seen it. This is another movie I’ve just never really had the drive to watch. As a nerd it’s a movie that I probably should have seen by now, but I just haven’t. I don’t know why I’ve passed over it to this point but I have.

  5. Alien franchise – I think the reason I’ve not seen these movies are the scare factor of them. I’m not a fan of scary/horror movies so that could be a full list of movies I’ve not seen that I maybe should have, at least according to some people.

  7. The Rocky franchise – Being from the suburbs of Philadelphia and a fan of boxing this should be a no brainer for me to have watched, but when thinking about it I’m not positive that I’ve seen any of them beginning to end. I know I’ve seen bits and pieces of at least some of them and I may have even seen all of at least the first one different chunks at a time, but I can’t say for sure, so it’s here on my list.

  9. Indiana Jones – OK get off my back already, I KNOW I SHOULD SEE THESE. But like I said, I didn’t watch lots of movies when I was younger so this franchise has just slipped through the cracks.

Poster for the original Tron


I’m big into Sci-Fi and fantasy movies. But as a kid I was pretty much only allowed to watch Disney stuff, hence my love for Kingdom Hearts and everything plastered with Mickey Mouse. Since I’ve grown into adulthood, I’ve made a point to see anything that generally makes anyone react with “ O.O YOU HAVEN’T SEEN (Insert movie title here).” There are still a few that I’ve yet to get around to.

  1. Toy Story 2 and 3 – As I said, I’ve seen pretty much every Disney movie. I’m the oldest of 3, so I didn’t really have much of a choice in what to watch. Unfortunately, when you grow up watching only Disney, as soon as you’re old enough to not watch Disney, you stop entirely. At least until you grow up and realize that Disney was actually awesome the whole time. Then you go back and watch all the Disney. Only sometimes movies get overlooked, like Toy Story 2. I’ve never seen it, and I refuse to see 3 until I do. This will have to be placed on our list of “must sees” before our next trip to Disney World.

  3. Spaceballs – The worst part about this one is that I actually own it. I know the standard jokes, and the parody of Star Wars and what not. I just never have the desire to stop everything else to sit down and watch this one. Maybe some day.

  5. Superman (any) – There’s one exception, I did see Superman Returns and I wasn’t impressed. I’ve always wanted to see these though, especially Superman II because I hear it’s the best one.

  7. Die Hard (any) – Well. . . this is just another victim of the Disney house. I’ve always heard these were fun movies to watch, and I really want to see the. I’ve just never gotten around to it.

  9. Back to the Future – Yep. . . I know. . . Someone let me borrow the Blu-ray box set!

Poster for Back to the Future


I only really started watching movies, like real movies that aren’t Disney, when I became a teenager. So this list isn’t very difficult for me.

  1. Bond movies before Daniel Craig – Weren’t we supposed to do a marathon prior to the newest movie?

  3. Batman movies that aren’t Batman Forever (the one with Poison Ivy), and the new trilogy – I would like to see them now but I fear they are going to be corny compared to what we have now.

  5. Star Wars Episodes V and VI – When did these come out!?

  7. All of the Terminators – I even fell asleep during the ride in Universal. But it was a long day at the park.

  9. Silence of the Lambs – I know the quotes, just never seen the movie.

Poster for Goldfinger

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