Friday Five – Most Frustrating Video Game Enemies

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list. This week’s category: Frustrating Video Game Characters.
Ok, not much explanation needed here. We’ve all encountered an enemy in a game that was so infuriating that it made you want to throw a controller, or smash your TV. One enemy that makes you question the motives of the developers. Makes you wonder if they’re secretly laughing at any and all with the misfortune of facing these impossible foes. If you haven’t, then you need to play some more games. Unfortunately, if you do then you’re going to run into plenty more…


  1. Hammer Bros – Super Mario Bros – These guys aren’t hard, but man can they be a pain in the ass. Especially as a child, they’re just damn frustrating. One wrong move and you could go from a fire ball throwing badass to a little dude scared for your life.
  2. Demon Dogs – Shinobi (PS2) – I don’t remember much from the PS2 Shinobi game, I do remember having some fun with it, until you run into the demon dogs with freaking swords and armor. Screw those things seriously.
  3. Lava – Aladdin – I’m sure going back to it now, it’s not as bad as I remember, but the lava escape portion in the Cave of Wonders was a nightmare and took many a life from poor Aladdin.
  4. Behemoths – Final Fantasy XIII – These guys were tough, well if you didn’t beat them quick enough anyway. If they were on all fours you could take them out quick if you went into the battle right. Unfortunately if you didn’t get them dead quick enough they transformed and basically became unstoppable.
  5. Deathstroke – Batman Arkham Origins – If you didn’t go into the Deathstroke fight the right way it was really hard. For most people you really take him on in a completely different way than the rest of the game. But the fight was a lot of fun at least, just frustrating when you know you almost had him beat only to slip up and have Batman get taken down.

hammer bros


Pretty sure I’m the only person that didn’t have trouble with Deathstroke in Arkham Origins.

  1. Saytr – God of War – Worst. Enemies. Ever! If they aren’t blocking your attacks, they’re flipping out of the way. They’re such a pain in the ass! I’ve lost far too much health to these guys in the earlier games.
  2. Barbed Lurker – Diablo 3: RoS – They hit hard, and take way too many hits to kill. If I can practically face roll everything else, why do I have so much trouble with these guys? I think they need a rebalance… Blizzard will probably just nerf my damage instead.
  3. Weigraf- Final Fantasy Tactics- When you finally face this asshat, you’re alone. Ramza vs. Weigraf. He’s more than likely far more powerful than you are, and all you can do is run away. It takes a ton of luck, ot an insane amount of planning to be able to defeat this guy. Back in the day, this was the worst fight ever.
  4. Dogs – Metal Gear – I don’t kill in Metal Gear, not since MGS2 anyway. Well, dogs are assholes in that they aren’t affected by the tranquilizer darts for nearly as long as human soldiers are. It makes moving slowly, like I do, a pain in the ass.
  5. Static Camera Angles – Every Survival Horror before Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry (prior to DmC), Ninja Gaiden – There’s nothing worse in a decent game than not being able to see what you’re doing. The worst game that comes to mind is Ninja Gaiden. The enemies and everything were easy enough, it was seeing them when they were attacking you that made the game difficult.

Kratos vs satyr


To be honest, all enemies are frustrating to me.

  1. Shadow Link – Ocarina of Time – I could never beat him without my brothers assistance. However, after just replaying it, I finally figured out the secret technique.
  2. The 3 Crabs – Donkey Kong Country Returns – They’re everywhere!!
  3. Afronova On Difficult – DDRMAX2 – You need 5 feet to beat this song without failing.
  4. Any Character My Brother Played Against Me With – Any – It was required that my handicap be all the way up.
  5. The Blue Spiked Shell – Mario Kart – Why did it take Nintendo until this year to combat that damn blue shell. Your best bet was to hope second place was close enough that you could slam your brake and not be affected.

Shadow Link

is not a boss.

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