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final fantasy tactics
Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list. This weeks category: Games You Keep Playing.
We all have that one game that we just love to play over all others. No matter the occasion, it’s the game that you just can’t get enough of. For some it’s because of the nostalgia the game endorses. For others it’s the challenge. Everyone has their own reasons, just like everyone has their own game. So read on and check out the games we just keep going back to.


  1. Final Fantasy VII-IX – This might be a slight cheat, but I can honestly play these three games over and over again. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve been through them, it’s been a few years now, but that might have to change soon.
  2. Pokemon – Sure new versions come out regularly, but I can play any of them at any time and have fun. Well of the main series anyway, not like the Ranger or Mystery Dungeon games.
  3. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – This was my favorite Sega game, whether I’m playing it for real or just messing around with debug and level select, I just keep going back. The music was great too, who doesn’t love the tunes in the Chemical Plant.
  4. Mario 64 – I didn’t realize how much I liked Mario 64 until I got it on DS. Sure it’s a little different but still great. It’s a great way to kill time too.
  5. Fire Emblem Awakening – This is the newest game I picked, but it just has so much replay value. I’ve done two play throughs so far and have probably 80+ hours. And that’s not even getting half the possible stuff.

Final Fantasy VII


  1. Pokemon
  2. The Sims
  3. Civilization
  4. Bloons Tower Defense

pokemon x y


  1. Sports games – Sports games don’t really fit this category because you don’t really “beat” most sports games, but in all likelihood I’ve spent more time playing sports games than every other kind of game combined. Heck on the PS3 alone I likely played close to 1000 hours of the NHL series. PS2 and PS1 were dominated by Madden. Genesis had Mutant League Hockey & Football, NHL ’94, and Madden as well (my favorite is ’93). Madden has me pretty hooked on the PS4 so far and I’m really looking forward to MLB the Show 14 and NHL 15
  2. Final Fantasy Tactics – One of my all time favorite games, you can beat the game somewhere around level 60 and without maxing all the classes, but I’ve leveled all my characters to level 99 and with the main character mastered every job. I’ve also played through the game at least 4 or 5 times with countless hours (well over 100, probably more like 300+) put in.
  3. Diablo – This mostly applies to Diablo II however I’ve got well over 100 hours into Diablo III as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played Diablo II with all the 7 different classes and done countless number of different builds with each of them.
  4. Super Smash Bros. – I believe I’ve said it before, but Smash Bros is my favorite thing Nintendo has done since the SNES era. I’d be down to play Smash Bros at pretty much any time.
  5. Call of Duty – Again this sort of is cheating but I’m putting it anyway. It’s cheating because I haven’t played single player in any of the COD games since Modern Warfare 2 (which was 2009), but I love the multiplayer in them. Ghosts is a little disappointing due to some missing things, but I’ve still sunk lots of time into it.

nhl 93


I try really hard not to keep going back to the same game. I have far too many new in my pile to play, so I usually can’t justify a second playthrough unless it’s a particularly cool game. But there are some that I cannot escape. . .

  1. Diablo – I would say Diablo II to be specific, but it’s been a few years since I’ve loaded it up. Diablo III has taken it’s place but won’t reach it’s fullest potential until Reaper of Souls is released in March.
  2. StarCraft – It was the original until the sequel was released. I don’t go back for the campaign, once is enough. The multiplayer isn’t for me, I suck too bad to be competitive. But I love the custom maps! Golems? Turret Defence? That’s my jam!
  3. WarCraft III – I only recently played the first two games. They weren’t fun. Warcraft III is awesome tho! I love the campaign and replay it every few years, and the custom maps were fantastic! Ever heard of DOTA or any of it’s spin offs like League of Legends? They got their start as WarCraft III custom maps.
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics – I’m in love with strategy RPGs, and this is my absolute favorite. I played the hell out of it on PSX, and picked it up again on PSP. I’m anxiously awaiting it’s release on Android so I can have FFT everywhere I go!
  5. Left 4 Dead – Also include Left 4 Dead 2. They’re fantastic games with a ton of high pressure action. However, they’re only good with a couple friends.

diablo 2

is not a boss.

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