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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This week’s category: Favorite Enemies.
Most heroes meet a villain in their career that just won’t go away. A villain that may have some tragic history, or a history with the hero, that generates a dynamic that no other villain has. Sometimes there’s no history. Some people just want to see the world burn. Whenever these enemies meet you know it’s going to be epic. Intense battles, startling revelations, major twists. You never know what to expect. That’s what makes it exciting. This is our tribute to our favorite enemies.


  1. Wolverine & Sabretooth – While X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t a very good movie the relationship with Wolverine and Sabretooth was great, and that’s something that you get a lot of in the comics. Hell recently Sabertooth came to control pretty much everything evil and he used all that power to make a now killable Wolverine wish he were dead. And that’s not even touching on the Ultimate version of these characters which is even crazier!
  2. Jack Shepherd & John Locke – While they weren’t exactly enemies until the end of the series, and even then it’s complicated, they never really saw eye to eye. Even on those few occasions where they had a similar goal, they never really wanted to get there the same way. While a lot of people say Lost was Jack’s story I’d say it was just as much about John Locke.
  3. Dr Gregory House & Everyone – House hates pretty much everyone, and even the people he doesn’t hate he could general handle never interacting with. Except maybe Wilson. His antagonistic tendencies while dealing with patients, mainly in the clinic, is what helped to make that show so great, and is why it still miss it to this day!
  4. Sherlock & Moriarty – There are all kinds of incarnations of these two characters. There’s the classic written version, the modern version in shows like Sherlock and Elementary, and so many in between. The one thing they all have in common is that these two are the ultimate enemies. They’re exactly what the other would be if one thing or another could have turned out differently. I’d have to say so far my favorite version is the one from Elementary. A female Moriarty that posed as Irene Adler and was in a relationship with Sherlock is brilliant and really adds a more human side to both the characters.
  5. Spider-Man and Doc Ock – Spidey doesn’t have one ultimate foe. While Norman really messed up Pete’s younger life and pretty much made it his mission to destroy everything he held dear, Otto is the one that really did it. Eventually Norman grew too large, he became a threat to the whole Marvel Universe. Otto has always been a nemesis to Spider-Man though, even when he showed up other places we knew where he belonged. While Green Goblin may be back (we still don’t know for sure who it is), Otto made the ultimate play and took over Pete’s body, and while Pete is returning Otto has probably struck the hardest blow by essentially ruining his entire life.

Wolverine and Sabertooth


  1. GlaDOS and Chell – I need to point out that I feel like Chell is the “bad guy” in this relationship. GlaDOS just wants to science, and Chell has to be all touchy and want to live and stuff. Ridiculous.
  2. Kratos and Zeus – Zeus let the gods meddle in the affairs of mortal life. While most of the mortals just sort of took the bs the gods threw at them, one guy stood up against them. Kratos held all of the gods accountable for the misdeeds of one. It was pretty bloody.
  3. Link and Ganon – Throughout time, and even different realities, these two have been mortal enemies since almost the beginning. Very few exchanges exist between them vocally, but their confrontations are always epic.
  4. Mario and Bowser – Sure they get together every now and again to play soccer, tennis, baseball, and even go kart. That doesn’t mean these guys don’t hate each other inside and out!
  5. Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson – Spider-Man’s rogues gallery is fairly diverse with Goblins, Octopi and other ferocious animals. While these bad guys tend to do some pretty terrible things to Pete and his Family, there is none more terrible than J. Jonah Jameson himself. This guy slanders the name of Spider-Man every chance he gets. He wants nothing more than to see Spider-Man revealed for the menace he is, despite the countless times Spider-Man has come to his rescue. He’s built machines, and hired scientists for the sole purpose of the demise of Spider-Man! And for what? Because he’s upset that Spider-Man stole news coverage away from his son! That’s true villainy my friends!

Glados and Chell

is not a boss.

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