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Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list. This weeks topic: Dream Vacations!

Vacations. The chance to get away from it all. They’re great, and horrible at the same time. There’s no depression like coming home from a really great vacation only to realize you have work tomorrow. . . Well, at any rate, let’s read on to find out why everyone wants to visit Japan and Italy so bad.


  1. Disney World – I’ve actually been to Disney once before, I was about 5 years old and don’t remember anything though! I’ve already had the chance to hit up Universal and Busch Gardens in Florida during my High School Senior Trip, but they’re not Disney. . .
  2. San Diego Comic-Con – So much awesome stuff goes down at SDCC every year, and I just want to get a chance to experience it. Plus being in San Diego I’d also get to explore and see some of the west coast which I’ve never done. Probably even take extra days over there and explore California a bit.
  3. PAX Prime – Yea I know we have one closer, and I do want to check out PAX East too, but Prime is the original. It’s got the DEV day before it all begins, and is out in Seattle. Much like SDCC I would use a chance to hit up PAX Prime as a chance to see Washington state as well.
  4. England/Scotland – I had the chance to travel outside of the country once before a few years ago and it was a lot of fun. I have a huge list of countries I want to visit but one of the first has to be England and Scotland they have so much crazy history there.
  5. Italy – Really who doesn’t want to go to Italy, the food, the architecture, the landscapes it’s got to be amazing there.

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This has been one of my hardest Friday Five posts. I love to explore and see new and beautiful things, so I basically want to go all over the world; but I’ve tried to limit my choices to where I’d like to hit first.

  1. RTX in Austin, TX – if you don’t know Red vs. Blue/Rooster Teeth Productions go check them out right now! They’ve gotten so big over the years and they have their own expo. I’d really like to meet the cast & crew of Rooster Teeth, they seem like an awesome group of people.
  2. US road trip – I’d love to go on a big long road trip someday and cross a bunch of states. The farthest west I’ve been is Wisconsin, and I’ve been from NY to FL on the east, but that’s it.
  3. Japan – I struggled with putting this one on here. I used to be very into the Japanese culture, but I don’t watch anime anymore and I stopped trying to learn Japanese. It would still be cool to see such a different culture, and a lot of the people in Japan speak English, so that’s a plus.
  4. Ireland – I struggle with getting good landscape photographs with what I have to work with here. I think this would be a great place to get better. Plus I can dump my husband at a bar at any time of day and the locals will take care of him.
  5. Italy – This last one was a toss up between Italy and Greece. I think authentic Italian food in general outweighs the baklava.

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Well the world is really big and I’ve really gone nowhere thus far in my life. Been to Florida several times, Disney World/Universal Studios is hard to beat for an affordable vacation. My next couple vacations will probably be back to Orlando because its just too awesome. However, I would love to actually leave the United States at some point, or at least the East Coast! So without any further fk ado:

  1. Jamaica – I’m talking all inclusive resort! Honestly I’d like to go to any island where I can stay at an all inclusive resort I just picked this one because of Cool Runnings. I just want beautiful water, unlimited food and drink, and my money to actually be worth something.
  2. Italy – I feel its like my destiny to one day visit the land of my ancestors. Not to mention the food and the lack of governmental structure.
  3. Scotland – I’m only made up of two nationalities, Italian and Scottish, so I’d love to visit here as well. Maybe do something wild like go golfing on an impossibly difficult golf course with my Dad. Visit some castles, check out Loch Ness, and be cold.
  4. The Rest of Europe – I’d love to take a Mediterranean cruise and hit up all the big named countries, see what its all about. I don’t think I’d mind only spending a day or so in each. Italy needs its own trip though.
  5. Hawaii – As I mentioned above, I never left the effin’ East Coast of these United States. There’s so much to see in our own damn country. If I can’t leave I want to at least see the Pacific Ocean.

Colosseum in Rome, Italy


  1. Disney World – Hang out with Donald and Goofy outside of Kingdom Hearts.
  2. Tokyo Game Show – Invited as a guest *flex*.
  3. Italy – For the noms.
  4. New Zealand – To destroy the One Ring.
  5. Deserted Tropical Island – Pretty much just escape from civilization and chill with several awesome individuals, fishing for food (also having several coolers of sustenance handy…don’t want to to work toooooo hard)
Wilson from Cast Away



  1. Europe: I’ve always wanted to take a backpacking tour of Europe. I’d land in Ireland, ferry to England, chunnel to France and then make my way through Germany down to Italy and fly home.
  2. Japan: Japan is one of those places where I would love to go but I realistically could probably never afford.
  3. Disney World: I went there once when I was younger and hopefully will be going back next year.
  4. Egypt: I can ride a camel at the Philadelphia Zoo but I’d love to see the sites. Pyramids and such.
  5. San Diego Comic-Con: I’ve never been west of Texas/Wisconsin so going to california would be fun. I’ve also only been to anime conventions and a very shitty comic convention so going to one with decent celebrities and panels would probably be a lot of fun.


Drootin don’t do vacations! – Eric


Man if they had left this open to anywhere in general I would have had an endless list of Hyrules and Mushroom Kingdoms, but nnnnoooo these places have to be real. . . -_-

  1. Japan – I’m sure we all want to go there (I havent read yhe draft idk), to see our favorite game creators office. I on the other hand would like to see the sites. I would love to see Heroshima and Nagasaki
  2. China – I would like to go and vacation in China, see the buildings and other sites. Mostly though I would love to see the great wall.
  3. Italy – I’m mostly Italian and would love to go visit there. See the sites (the birth place of Ezio). Visit places like Venice, Rome, and The Vatican.
  4. Chernobyl


Whelp. . . Vacations suck. They give you a taste of the sweet life, and quickly pull you away and shove you back into the daily grind. Having just come off of my honeymoon with my lovely wife, Audra, I’ve been suffering from the post vacation depression. This topic isn’t helping. “Oh hey, you were just living it up and now you’re back working again, so tell us places you’d rather be than where you are now.” Answer – ANYWHERE!

  1. San Diego Comic Con – I’ve only known about this convention for a few years, but it sounds like a dream come true. Everything I like about E3 with the addition of Comic Books. Yeah, I need to go here!
  2. Italy – The history, the architecture. Everything is awesome. And like Drootin said, it’s the birthplace of Ezio Auditore da Firenze.
  3. Egypt – The pyramids astound me. I need to see those in person at some point in my life. And that Sphynx. . . He’s hiding something. I just know it!
  4. Central/South America – Again, the history and architecture has me here. The Incan and Mayan ruins would be the primary destination for this trip.
  5. Skywalker Ranch – Nerd heaven! ’nuff said.

Yoda Statue


  1. Cruise in the Caribbean
  2. Hawaii
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. France
New Zealand


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