Friday Five: Annoying/Overused Ringtones

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The first thing you do when you get a new phone is look for an awesome new ringtone to help you better identify with your new hardware, unless you have an iPhone. Most of the time the defaults won’t do, so you download some awesome new tone that speaks to you on so many levels! Chances are it speaks to many others the same way. But who cares! As long as you have one you like right? Well… yeah, kinda. Unless you have an iPhone! ANyway, here’s our list of Annoying and Overused Ringtones we’ve heard far too often over the years.


I have had a fair number of incredibly annoying and way overused ringtones such as: SPAAAAAAAACE! from Portal 2, and the good ol’ 1Up sound from Super Mario Bros. But there are some out there that are just so bad that they need to get called out. Here’s some off the top of my head:

  1. Power Rangers Communicator Watch – They were cool when we were young. Now they’re equally as cool! But that sound is so high pitched… it’s worse then nails on a chalkboard!
  2. Default Apple Text Message Tone – I get it! You want to stand out from everyone else, and show how much of a rebel you are because you support the small guy! Screw big business! Never mind that iPhone has the second highest install base of any cellular phone in THE WORLD! You just keep telling everyone how unique and trendy you are.
  3. Final Fantasy Fanfare – It’s an awesome sound to hear… when you accomplish something! But when everyones texting you asking how your leg feels after you fell off the roof because you were trying to impress a girl, you’ll feel far less triumphant.
  4. Final Fantasy VII PHS – Ok, this one I actually liked. I jsut heard it way to often! That’s what happens when you attend school with countless other nerds trying to learn how to make video games…
  5. Ghost Busters Siren – Great show! Great movies! Great Characters! All around greatness! But as a ringtone it just doesn’t work… It’s far too annoying to be able to listen to once, let alone every time someone contacts you!



I was walking into class one night when I heard, behind me, the Kim Possible sound. Now I’ve heard this as a message tone several times before but it still surprises me how people all over use the same few message tones in an attempt to be unique. Unless they are preset in the phone, I find most people set their tones due to nostalgic reasons, which I have been guilty of as well. However, I’m sure if Coach made a designer ringtone that would be splashed all over as well.

  1. Kim Possible –  No you’re not a secret agent getting deails for an important mission! More like “Sally said what?!”
  2. Entering a Pipe from Super Mario
  3. Mushroom Powerup from Super Mario
  4. Hey! or Listen! – Navi was annoying enough in the actual game! So why does everyone want that following them around in their daily life?!
  5. A Full length song set as the notification/text ringtone – Texts are supposed to be a shortened way of having a conversation without having to put any emotions into it. By the time the song gets to the second verse, it’s already restarting from the response to the initial message. If you want a theme song to play for you all day long, then get your own TV show!



Yeah i missed last weeks dammit… I was defending my lawn from zombies.

  1. well lets start with Barney’s ringtone from that one episode of “How I Met Your Mother”, seeing as how that was all the episode was about it gets kinda annoying.
  2. Metal Gear Codec – everyone has it, everyone thinks they are a revolutionary when they use it, and no one ever answers their damn phone when it goes off
  3. Navi “Hey Listen” – when soneone’s phone goes off with that is sounds kinda like this. If you add a twist and remix it just a bit it would sound a little less annoying… or the first few calls. So Next time you think Navi is cool and want “Hey Listen” as your ringtone try this instead.
  4.  This one. the only good part about this ringtone were these guys
  5. FFVII End Battle Theme – Now the entire song is fine but when someone has just the initial part of it play over and over and over, it gets annoying.



I don’t really like ringtones, when I get a call I usually just silence it right away anyway and I’ve been using the same text message tone for like 2 years.

  1. Power Rangers Theme
  2. Navi – Hey Listen! – It was annoying in the game it’s annoying in real life!
  3. Full Songs – I hate this crap, especially when it’s for a notification! A ringtone is one thing they usually last longer, but if you have a 2 minutes song as your text or email notification you’re an asshole.
  4. The Siri Ding Sound – The sound in all the commercials for iPhones where the people hit the button and the little tone plays and they go “Siri I’m a hipster douche bag that liked everything cool before it was cool and spent a week in London!” That tone sucks too.
  5. Anything Eric uses ***This from the guy using a tone called out twice on this list! -Ringtone Master, Eric***
is not a boss.

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