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Personally I tend to lean more towards Marvel, so do a lot of the other comic readers here at One-Quest. That’s not to say DC doesn’t have some good books. The Current Batman series by Scott Snyder is one of my favorite books currently. Unfortunately unlike Marvel DC didn’t have a lot of big news about new series, or cross overs that we didn’t already know about. At least none that really struck me as super interesting. They did however have some stuff about “Night of Owls” and the Second Wave of New 52 books.

1) Gotham goes to war in Night of Owls
The first parts of this promising DC event starts today with the release of Batman 8 and Nightwing 8. Scott Snyder has setup a crazy story about Gotham’s history and it’s going to be playing out through almost all the Bat-Family books. It’s been stated that you don’t have to read them all to get the story, but I’m sure it will help to at least read the what I’m calling main story in Batman and Nightwing since those are the two books that did the setup for the rest of them. They’re also the books with more than one issue tied into it. You can expect some more words on Night of Owls later on once we have a chance to read it!

2) Johns does the nearly impossible and keeps Aquaman badass
For years Aquaman has pretty much been a joke to superhero fans. DC’s version of the King of Atlantis just didn’t do it for a lot of people. Especially when over on the Marvel side of things you have their Ruler of the Oceans, Namor who is fairly badass, and completely self centered. Aquaman just pretty much talked to fish…
With The New 52 Geoff Johns decided to change that, and he’s made Aquaman one of their top characters. I haven’t read any of the new Aquaman series yet, but his first appearance in Justice League was pretty cool as he drove his trident though one of the alien villain dudes. Johns commented at C2E2 that he’s keep things going with Aquaman and we shouldn’t expect to see a dip in the series anytime soon. He must be doing something right since Aquaman has beaten the sales for EVERY Marvel comic title multiple times since the New 52 started.

3) Some things apparently happened Before Watchmen
I saw the Watchmen movie before I read the comic, some people will probably be outraged by that. Those people are dumb, plain and simple. One of the best parts about movies being made out of comics, is that they get an interests in those comics! I knew what Watchmen was, it sounded neat but at the same time it came out when I was 4 months old. It’s based in a time period that though I was alive for is very much alien to me. That movie even though it was still meant to be in the 1980’s felt fresher to me, and thus ignited my interest as I’m sure it did with many others around the world.

That said, a sequel to that story would be kinda silly. Really what are you going to do? Make a prequel that’s what, Watchmen had some very interesting backstory to it, and some really cool characters. What better way to flesh them out and make the story of the original Watchmen mean that much more then to see how they got to that point. DC got a lot of mixed reviews when they annoucned this project. One of the biggest negative impacts was that Alan Moore, who is a genius and also insane, hates the idea of anything else being done with Watchmen. That’s his perogative though, not everyones. This series could go down as the biggest failure in comics since the nap of…I mean Death and Return of Superman, or it could be awesome. DC grabbed some of the best talent they could get their hands on and made some great pairings with story and art. We just have it wait now and see what comes of it this summer. Either way it’s going to see a million plus copies, the only thing left to find out is will they be praised or panned.

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