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So Konami is having a bit of a thing for the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear franchise. A lot of companies are doing that sort of thing. We’re hitting a milestone in the gaming revolution, the first generation of kids who grew up with Nintendos playing Mario and Zelda are adults now. We have jobs, houses, husbands and wives, kids, all the things that go along with being an adult. But we still play games, and the quickest way to get our attention is to show us something awesome from our childhood. Nintendo had anniversaries for Mario and Zelda, Square Enix has one for Final Fantasy coming up, and I’m sure there are others too.

Metal Gear is a hugely popular game, even if you’ve never played it you’ve probably heard some go “I feel asleep” or heard mention of Solid Snake and Big Boss. This franchise is a staple of the gaming world, why else would it survive for 25 years? Every game in the series gives us something new and interesting to contend with, whether it was finding out the whole game was a VR mission, or having to switch controllers ports to beat a boss, it’s different and fun. Oh, don’t forget the sneaking around, stuffing bad guys into lockers, and just generally being a bad ass.

Well fans, we’ve got some exciting news to share. At their anniversary event, Konami has announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero. Ready for this? It’s an open world Metal Gear Solid using the new FOX Engine and according to all reports out of the event, looking f’ing awesome. So far not much is known about it, tweets from the floor said it plays like a Metal Gear, but at a huge scale and apparently it’s running on a current generation PC. Stay tuned to One-Quest for updates on the game as they become available.

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero screenshot

Screenshot of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero

Oh, yeah we’re not done yet. Another announcement out of the Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary event is the official reveal of a Metal Gear Solid movie! We’ve been hearing rumors and such about this for years, but this if official. And we’re going to have a guy some of you may know named Avi Arad as producers. If you’re not familiar with this guy go check out his Wikipedia page and get familiar.

Unfortunately the only thing we know regarding the production of the movie is that they’re going to take their time and do it right. This is both awesome news and bad news. Awesome because this won’t be a Uwe Boll abortion so that’s good. The bad is we don’t know when we’ll see it on the big screen, or who will be in it at this point. Stay tuned for more info, and let us know your thoughts and guesses for who’s going to play Solid Snake in the comments below.

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