Alice & Calie Are Back In A New Trilogy From Zenescope

This isn’t exactly news anymore, and that’s my fault, I apparently can’t kept track of emails even when they’re filtered into folders. But that’s neither here nor there, this is about something more important, a new Wonderland Trilogy.

If you’re fans of the original trilogy, the current ongoing series, or the various other stories taking place in Wonderland then this is some pretty fun news. The first new series is going to be “Down The Rabbit Hole” and as you’ll see below fills in some of those gaps from Calie’s first trip to Wonderland. The intriguing part is we’ll be seeing the story from other characters point of view not just a rehash of Calie’s adventure. The journey is going to be written by Wonderland writer extraordinaire Raven Gregory and the new star of Zenescope Pat Shand who’s responsible for Zenescopes take on Robyn Hood. With the level of quality these guys bring to their other books only good things can be on the horizon, or in this case down the rabbit hole.

We don’t have much else on the series yet, but check out the full press release below!

Zenescope Follows Alice and Calie Down the Rabbit Hole for new Trilogy

Feb, 2013 — Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for a new Wonderland prequel mini-series entitled Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole. The new five issue series will be penned by Wonderland writer and co-creator Raven Gregory and Zenescope’s “Robyn Hood” scribe, Pat Shand.

This new series takes readers back to the original mini-series, RETURN TO WONDERLAND, which was first published in 2007. Zenescope’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” will fill in the blanks surrounding Calie’s first journey into the realm of madness. This time, readers will see things from other family members’ perspectives as Calie takes her first, life-altering, journey into Wonderland.

As was announced in July 2012, Zenescope’s original Wonderland trilogy was purchased by Lionsgate TV and is being produced by Smallville’s Brian Robbins to be adapted as a live-action television series. This new mini-series will no doubt allow for additional story-lines and appease the die-hard Wonderland fans who can now delve deeper into the rich mythology that creators Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco and Raven Gregory have been publishing for the past six years.

Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole will be available for preorder on the March edition of Diamond Previews or for preorder through Zenescope’s official web store:

Keep your eye’s on One-Quest for more information as it comes out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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