3DS XL Coming to US this Summer!


So 3DS doesn’t appear to be getting the second circle pad redesign we were all hoping for. However, Nintendo is giving us a very beautiful XL version of their newest handheld gaming device.

The 3DS XL sports 90% larger screens, with the top screen growing from 3.53 inches to 4.88, and the bottom at 3.02 to 4.18. Nintendo also announced that the device will have longer battery life, which is awesome considering the battery life of the 3DS is laughable. Unfortunately the battery life of the 3DS XL isn’t all that much longer then the original. The 3DS XL will reportedly get about 3.5-6.5 hours of battery life while playing a 3DS game, and 6-10 hours while playing a DS game. Compare this to the 3-5 and 5-8 hour life of the original 3DS and you have an underwhelming statistic to brag about.

All in all I think the 3DS XL is a pretty cool move from Nintendo. Consumers like options, so now the choice to get the big or the small 3DS, and in multiple colors, could help drive their sales a bit. The down side is that everyone could still be on the fence with the thought of yet another version coming out soon.

The 3DS XL hit’s store shelves on August 19th, the same day a New Super Mario Bros. 2 (another smart move by Nintendo) for just $199! Check One-Quest.com for more news and updates on the 3DS and 3DS XL. And be sure to let us know if you’re getting a new 3DS XL or waiting for the next 3DS revision in the comments below!

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